From Our BFFs: Wanna See More Breaking Dawn Pics?!

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They’re practically killin’ us with all the hype. But Summit’s released SEVEN more Breaking Dawn movie stills! Puh-leeze, just come out already! [HuffPost High School]

And speaking of BDChristina Perri‘s song “A Thousand Years” — which will be in the flick — just got a new music vid. But it’s kinda meh… [JSYK]

Twilight‘s main girl Kristen Stewart recently got injured on the set of Snow White. So what exactly happened? [4TNZ]

We never really took the time to watch Hart of Dixie. But since we know this cutie’s on the show, we’re thinking we might tune in… [Seventeen]

It was a huge let down when Glee jilted Chord Overstreet (though now we hear he’s coming back!). Who else got the boot from their shows unexpectedly? [Wetpaint]

Lauren Conrad‘s got more in common with Julianne Hough than just blonde hair and a pretty face. Two words: Derek Hough! [Hollywire]

Whoa! May-jor dramz for X-Men‘s January Jones. First, someone claimed that Hairspray star James Marsden was her baby daddy. Now, Ashton Kutcher?! [Posh24]

11/21/11 is marked in our calendars due to Big Time Rush‘s newest album! And the name of it is…  [Just Jared Jr.]

Wanna get inside Nick Jonas‘s diary? Well, it’s actually possible! [Cambio]

B.o.B. is offish back on the map with this “epic” vid… [Popdust]

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3 Responses to "From Our BFFs: Wanna See More Breaking Dawn Pics?!"

    Sam says:

    i can’t wait!

    Selena says:

    Really? Why can’t they just put it all in one movie that’s so stupid…? They just tryin’a make us put out more money I mean really. ? Wtf…

    zariah says:

    omg went 2 the movies the other day & saw the previews 4 the movie 7 tolled mi friend were gunna c it!!!!! cant waite till taylot takes off his shirt!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!8-D

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