The 12 Most Bizarre-O Album Covers Ever (Pics)

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As per usual, Lady Gaga has hit us with more freakiness. And this time, it’s with her newest Born This Way albums. We’re sure you’ve seen the original pic (with her face horns, yikes!) for the album months ago. But since she has both Born This Way: The Remix and The Collection hitting stores this November, it was obvi that she would need new covers as well.

While we stared at the pile of whatever-that-is that graced Gaga’s entire body, we wondered just how many of our fave stars have hilar, awkward and just plain freaky album and single cover art as well. Let us tell ya — there’s a lot! And we’ve picked the Top 12 (besides the Gagster’s) that gave us chills…

MORE: Lady Gaga’s “Marry the Night” cover is literally on fire!

12. The Black-Eyed PeasThe E.N.D. (The Energy Never Dies)
While it’s not exactly too out there, we wondered why an album with the phrase “the energy never dies” has such an odd and pretty-much-dead robot’s face on its cover.

11. Ke$haCannibal
We gotta admit, Ke$h showed a lot of restraint with her song “Cannibal.” Imagine how much worse it could’ve been!

10. Britney SpearsThe Singles Collection
Obviously, Brit is obsessed with her body. (Wouldn’t you be if you were her?) But based on her old single album with eight sexy Brit poses, can you say vain?

9. Nicki MinajPink Friday
If you know Nicki, then you know she’s displayed far freakier looks. But for some reason, we can’t help but be terrified by the leggy Nicki Barbie doll from Pink Friday.

8. Selena GomezKiss & Tell
Yes, even Selly made our list. Mainly just because those bedazzled heart lips of hers are, like, impossible to get (Trust us, we’ve tried.) and we’re scared of clowns and this is something they’d do.

7. Christina AguileraBionic
Honestly, it kinda makes sense that the album didn’t do so well. People must’ve been thrown off by the half-gorg/half-machine look of X-tina’s face.

6. Miley CyrusCan’t Be Tamed
It wouldn’t be so bizarre if this was a Britney Spears or Rihanna album. But Miley was barely legal at the time, so, yeah…

5. Kanye WestLate Orchestration
Uhh, awkward alert! We just don’t even know what a teddy bear crossing the street is supposed to mean.

4. JC ChasezShizophrenic
This album caused controversy back in the day. (Ya know, in the early ’00s.) People were already not impressed with the title connotation. The fact that he’s in a straight jacket, too? Not okay.

3. EminemAmerican Nightmare
Perf title considering Em’s cover still haunts our dreams to this day. Terrifying.

2. RihannaWait Your Turn
This was a toughy, since RiRi has plenty of scary fierce covers to choose from. But we went with this one, just ’cause it nearly hurts us to look at it.

1. Maroon 5Hands All Over
Know why M5 took top spot? One, because it’s sexual. And two, do you see all those hands on that one body? Bizarre-o to the maxstreme!

Which cover do you find to be the most out there? Is there cover art that’s even more bizarre that we missed? Share what you’re thinking below!

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14 Responses to "The 12 Most Bizarre-O Album Covers Ever (Pics)"

    Blake says:

    god i love lady gaga

    d00m says:

    Weak, not freaky at all, try KoЯn’s Blind if anyone gets it.

    madison says:

    i didnt know about the em one. and im a huge fan of him too :(

    Tommy says:

    Love the Maroon 5 album… Listen to the lyrics.. Awesome:

    jessie says:


    shelby says:

    not selenas

    Gustavo says:

    A Capa da Britney e da Ke$ha tem nada de estranho ! ¬¬

    Diego says:

    Não achei a capa de The Singles Collection da Britney estanha,por mim ela nem nessa lista estava!

    Marília Gomez says:

    Really? Selena Gomez can’t be in this list. Her album is so cute, if you’re mad with Selena, don’t mix the things. ‘Cause Selena’s album is the best of the world.

    Kiss and Tell Forever

    Tiago says:

    Please,Britney not.
    No no no is The Singles Collection no bizarre

    leticiaafb says:

    really? Selena’s album is so cute and miley’s too. You are crazy !

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    Sam says:

    i think they’re all weird except for the black eyed peas

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