From Shailene Woodley to Emma Roberts, The 10 Best Dressed Celebs of the Week!

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We think we know who we’ll be taking style tips from the first next time we hit up the RC. From Shailene Woodley at a film fest event for her new flick The Descendants to Lily Collins at a fancy shamancy gala, celebs showed us we don’t need to go super high glam to look oh-so-fab. But, ya know, good clothes (and genes) definitely help.

Check out pics of other celebs who made it on our best dressed list this week! Do you agree with us?

Shailene Woodley

Best ready-for-spring-but-it's-only-fall pastel outfit


Jennette McCurdy

Best probs-bought-at-Forever-21 dress worn on the RC


Emma Roberts

Best dressed-down black-and-white classic look

Photo: Splash News

Dianna Agron

Most high fashion ensemb ever worn to pick up dry cleaning

Photo: Splash News

Lily Collins

Best Snow White-esque look fit for a princess

Photo: Splash News

Aimee Teegarden

Best "I'm ready to hit the club for my birthday" party dress


Amanda Seyfried

Prettiest purple dress worn on the RC


Chloe Moretz

Best ladylike lacey dress worn on a teen


Josie Loren

Best didn't-need-super-glam-hair-'cause-she's-got-a- super-glam-dress

Photo: Splash News

Kristin Cavallari

Best scandalous dress that's still covered up with lace


Whose ensemb was your fave this week? Disagree with any of our picks? Spill it in the comments!

Cast your vote on more of the Best Dressed — and Worst Dressed — celebs on the red carpet.

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  • Yeshi

    say you avoid this movie. It was nota0Benjamin Buttona0bad, but it is nowhere near as good, as say,The Decendants. a0Do yoeusrlf a favor and watch something else Rate this: Like

  • Daduram

    I was SO lnoikog forward to seeing The Descendants and was not disappointed. My husband thought it was shallow , but I loved the natural, unforced rhythm of the movie , and thought the acting was outstanding. I am normally not a big Clooney fan, but thought he nailed his role, and and was totally believable, even the despairing kneeling scene. The daughters were wonderful, and I loved Sid and the balance and humor he brought to the movie. Not sure it’s Oscar-worthy, but as a glimpse of the everyday tragedies that come with being human, I give it high marks.

  • erick

    The one that he hates to jennette is a stupid 😛