Survey Saturdays: Tell Us About Your Fave TV Shows (And Stars)!

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Oh hey, notice anything different about this week’s Survey Saturday? Yeah, we got a little fancy shmancy on ya this week. But it’s not just our look that’s changed, you guys. Instead of asking you Q’s about the week’s celeb goss, we wanna know all about your TV addiction.

So put down that remote just for a second and get started!

MORE: Tell us about that naughty little fashion and beauty addiction of yours!

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4 Responses to "Survey Saturdays: Tell Us About Your Fave TV Shows (And Stars)!"

    Anonymous says:

    cancel jersey shore it sucks


    glee is amazing

      paige says:

      not agreed.
      its disgusting

      Larissa says:

      I actually knew Justin bforee he was famous, hes pretty cool, but he does not like girls to stalk him all the time. I have a youtube account (notsaying) i managed his. Source(s): People with a lot of views got a free trip to Vancouver me and him were one of them.

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