Sound-Off Sundays: Fill In the Speech Bubbles For Big Time Rush, Snooki and More!

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Now we’re talkin’. So we guess our tough love during last week’s Sound-Off Sundays fiasco paid off. Not only were there more comments to choose from this time around, but a majority of you filled in the captions for practically ALL the pics! And since we’re obviously fans of your extra work, we picked an extra winner!

See if one of your fill-ins was chosen — twice the chances today! — then click through our newest gallery of celeb photos, including Taylor Swift, Big Time Rush, Lindsay Lohan (in court, haha) and more!

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Emily, your Katy Perry quote was just too funny. How could we not congratulate you?! And…

Sharon! We think your Taylor Swift caption was right on the money priceless.

See if you could nab the top spot with this week’s choices:


"Jionni's def gonna like how they're looking today."

Photo: Splash News

Lindsay Lohan

"Doing service for my community? Don't they know I starred in a hit movie 8 years ago?!"


Bradley Cooper

"Does something out here smell like... garbage?"


Taylor Swift

"OMG, I have the same blouse in navy blue!"

Photo: Splash News

Sarah Hyland

"Why do people keep asking me how old I am? I'm turning 21 this year, godammit!"

Photo: Splash News

Trevor Donovan

"I may not be on a 90210 star anymore. But at least I have you, right buddy?"


Hilary Duff

"Wait, lady. Don't you want my autograph??"

Photo: Splash News

Big Time Rush

"My bad. I'm standing in Carlos' spot."

Photo: Splash News

Think you can do it better than us? We’d like to see you try. No really, take it away!

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  • Farid

    I have some great memories drniivg down HWY1 after my parents divorced we living in Oxnard and my dad would drive us down HWY 1 to visit our mom in San Diego, dreams are made out of that view.

  • Anonymous

    logan:damn dude grow a freaking penus!!

  • Tyarrah

    BTR: oh man wat the hell is that?

  • emmalou

    trevor: who’s so cute, u r. who’s hot, i am

  • emmalou

    can u believe he broke up with me omg!!!!!!

  • emma

    snooki: my breasts are too small time to get another job:))

  • boblita

    Snookie: do my boobs look to small
    LIsdsay:Hey creep so what I may go to jail…yea right
    Hilary Duff: wait lady I dont want your phone number

  • Veronica

    Snooki: “Do my boobs look too big?”

    • there way bigger than snookis lol