From Our BFFS: Did Justin and Selena Take the Next Step In Their Relationship?!

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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez welcomed a new bundle over the weekend — an adorable new puppy! What’d you think we were talking about, guys?! [Hollywire]

And because sharing a puppy isn’t romantical enough, Jelena also hit up a hockey game this weekend in Canada, wearing matching Jerseys and smooching the entire time. Ugh. JEALOUS! [4TNZ]

What’s it really like to get a slushie (or 12) in the face? Glee‘s Kevin McHale knows a thing or two about that… [Seventeen]

And speaking of Glee, the rumors are true. Chord Overstreet is coming back just in time for Christmas! [Cambio]

What’s up next on Gossip Girl? Apparently lots and lots of kissing. Xoxo. [Wetpaint]

Move over, Bella and Zendaya! Which other two Shake It Up stars are hitting the studio…together?! [Just Jared Jr.]

Zooey Deschanel sang the National Anthem at game 4 of the World Series but here’s what we’re really focusing on — OMG, those bangs! [Posh24]

Want your nails to look like candy corn or ghosts or pumpkins this Halloween? Good, because these people with too much time on their hands did the work for ya. [Huff Post High School]

Breaking Dawn is so close we can taste it! The Cullens Ashley Greene and Robert Pattinson have already started their press tour for the movie. Excited yet?! [JSYK]

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  • fiona

    jelinaaaa forever! (hope)

    • morris

      not a huge fan of jelena myself but their still kids, I doubt they date for the rest of their lives. SERIOUSLY NOT TYRNA HATE.

  • alexlexyroxy

    I agree with sakura leave them alone it is their life would u like to be hated so much just because ppl r jealous of u. MOOVVEEE ON WIV UR LIVES

  • lol


  • tysbaby

    wow …. they r soo cute :)

  • 12W3DFR


  • sakura

    jelena jelena

  • sakura

    its their life not yours so stop being a b**** and loosen up they are in love what if you found a love and people are thearting it what are you going to do so let them be.

  • alona

    selena should think twice she is so stupid to date justin he is way out of her style and match jelena should be over but they did choose a nice dog

    • Elizabeth

      ur stupid for saying that you sound so jealouse they are perfect for each other they are in love what can you do stop giving all those negative comments about thme u hater your are a hater mind your own buissnes its thier life not urs u wouldnt like someone to say that about you and ur couple so SHUT UPPPP!!!! and leave them alone GOSSSHHH!!!!!

  • erica green

    He is not a parent selna is a StUpid B**** and whore I hate you you people need to get your facts strat lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • renee diaz

      your just mad because you didn’t get him yourself

      • britany hogan

        you need to back off she is my best friend so shut your mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lolol SO SAY ONE MORE THING TO MY FRIEND ON HER I DARE YOU TO I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Stopbeinghaters.That'swhatBellesaid. “Stop being haters.”That’s what Belle said.

    “Stop being haters.”That’s what Belle said.

  • http://facebook number1bellathornefan

    i think they are both gross

  • Jelena

    they jzt rock nd they r cutee couplez!

    • Jelena

      v rck ryt???…….2gethar

  • Reilley

    They are a perfect couple so stop hating on Jelena plzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brianna

    they are so cute together! i mean i’m totally jealous but he’s happy and thats all that matters! :)

  • sugar

    who effin’ cares..i mean its their life, let them live !

  • Alyssa

    Kinley you’re just JEALOUS !

  • kinley

    I hate selena gomez she’s a bitch.

    • idia

      shut up you’re so mean!! they look cute together!

      • Ni Nade Swagg

        What the Fuckety Fuck Fuck? I want to kick her as and tTHAT bITCH mILEY

    • http://facebook number1bellathornefan

      i kmow right you kick ass girl

  • Sam

    they’re so cute together!