Jelena Are In Puppy Love, And We Don’t Mean With Each Other

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Move over Justin Bieber. There’s a new sheriff in Selena Gomez town. Just kidding. Meet the newest addition to the Jelena family โ€” Justin & Selena’s dog, Baylor! We thought maybe he was half named after Sel’s bestie, Taylor Swift. But it turns out a very lucky university (Baylor, obv) in Waco, Texas got the honor. (We’re sure that college’s hoodies are gonna sell out any minute now.)

Hey Jelena, whenever you need someone to babysit your little blue-eyed fluffball, like when you’re off kissing at hockey games and going on romantic movie dates, give us a call!

MORE: Congratulations to Selena! She’s hosting the MTV EMAs!

Cute To-die-for pics of Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez’s dog below!

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Major contemplation: Whose eyes would you rather stare in…Baylor’s or JB’s!?

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Don’t you just wanna squeeze him?? We do. And even though Baylor is going to require a lot of attention that Sel and JB probably don’t have, Justin proves that there is enough puppy love to go around. AKA he loves his fans. Oh, you didn’t see his video yet? Get on it!

What are your thoughts on Baylor? Do you like the name? Do you think Justin and Sel are ready for a puppy? Tell us what you think!

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  • Blubah

    no way… dog will b abandoned

  • mati

    I support them in so many ways their puppy is so so adorable

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  • zariah

    luven the pups hrs so cute!! i think their up 4 that challenge:) luv jb 2 death!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    How cute! I wish I had my dog but they are at a kennel while we find another house because my house was crushed by 4 trees in the hurricane. I have 2 dogs 3 cats 3 birds 1 lizard I wish I had them back But very cute dog plz can you reply back Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matea_Belieber

    Yes, I’m belieber. I love Justin Bieber and he’s everything to me. If you ask me do I like Selena too, this is my answer. No, i don’t. I mean-how could I love someone hwo is holding all my world in her hands! But, anyway, I support them. If he is happy, I’m.

  • That dog is so cute what is he a terrier or something becuz he’s so cute I wish I had a puppy so cute like that. And he had blue eyes 2.oh and my cousin is wondering how 2 be famouse like u guyz. So if anyone can respond 2 this pleaze

    • ntvar

      These days you don’t even need talent, so your cousin probably has a shot!

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if their dogs eyes are going to stay blue or if they’re going to change colour… dogs and cats eyes change colour once they get older… I hope his eyes don’t change, they’re beautiful!

    • ntvar

      Dogs eyes usually change early on if they’re going to, his eyes are probably going to stay blue like that because he looks a few months old already. Plus the dog is a husky mix, and huskies are very popular for their blue eyes.

  • Anonymous

    So-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o cute!!! I wonder why they chose the name though. I saw Selina wearing their t-shirt in that pic though…. hmmm. Baylors eyes are amazingly blue!!!

  • sweetthing

    omg love the eyes
    sooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!

  • jessicamccollum

    that is so cute!!!!!11

  • luvYOUbieber

    oMG so cute !

  • Charese

    That dog is so adorable! I wish had a dog with blue eyes! :O

  • hay that is so cute love that dog lolz!!! U n justin make a cute cupple!!! Hay um ma little cusion wonts to become famouse plz reply back if u know what i should do thanx(anyone can reply if you know)

    • d

      Learn how to spell. That might be a good first step.

      • Anonymous

        don’t be such a jerk d… it’s web talk. I’m sure you make mistakes too.

      • ntvar

        Haha, good advice. That doesn’t sound like web talk, just sounds dumb.

  • Sam

    it’s so cute!

  • Reilley

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