From Our BFFs: How Are the Stars Dressing Up For Halloween?

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K, so we don’t officially know how celebs like Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber or Katy Perry are dressing up for all Hallow’s Eve. But these pics show us what they should be… [Popdust]

Oh, and speaking of JB. Is he headed for prison?! If this bill passes, it’s actually poss! [4TNZ]

So what was Lady Gaga like in high school? Big nosed, brunette and overweight. Uhh, are we talking ’bout the same Gagster? [HuffPost High School]

While Glee creator Ryan Murphy is sticking to his guns about no guest stars for a while, there’s still one person who’s still campaigning for a chance. Greyson Chance, to be exact. [Hollywire]

If it’s at all possible, we heart Mark Salling even more. He saves lives, now! [JSYK]

90210‘s Tristan Wilds says he loves ballads, but he’s “a Hip-Hop head through and through.” Can we still expect both from his upcoming album? [Seventeen]

Is Ian Somerhalder a virgin?! Umm… okay, we’re not exactly experts, but we’re gonna say that ship has sailed. [Wetpaint]

Comedy isn’t the only thing Emma Stone and Joseph Gordon-Levitt have in common. [Posh24]

Emma Watson ditched her Hogwarts wardrobe for some old-fashioned I Love Lucy-esque dresses in her new flick, My Week With Marilyn. [Just Jared Jr.]

Why would Robert Pattinson ever be ashamed of his body? Apparently, he said he developed insecurities next to Taylor Lautner. Ohh, now we understand. [Cambio]

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10 Responses to "From Our BFFs: How Are the Stars Dressing Up For Halloween?"

    RD says:

    geeeeeeeeez! Just got da rel feelin about halloween once seen dis! dey luk gud when nt in weird costumes!

    Aurora A. says:

    Selena and Justin make a great couple :D

    Aurora A. says:

    Selena nd Justin make a great couple:)

    Zendaya the 2nd says:

    yooooo datta b cella crazziiii lolzz

    Cameron says:

    yah Jelena :-)

  6. [...] Celebrity News: Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber Costumes | [...]

    joslynxXx says:

    justin looks gay and ur insulting frankinstien lol

    Sam says:

    i love that pic of jelena!

    eve says:

    that would be awesome if jelena actually were that for halloween

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