Robert Pattinson: Can You Please Stop Dressing Like a Homeless Person?

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Not gonna lie, we’re down with hot guys showing off a little scruff on their faces. (Hello, Ryan Gosling!) But we’ve heard for years that Robert Pattinson‘s not really a fan of the whole showering thing. So combine that with the whole homeless look he’s got going on lately, and his hotness levels are completely dropping off.

But why would one of Hollywood’s leading men let himself go like this? Is it because Twilight‘s done filming? Or perhaps KStew is into his drab hobo-ness? Whatever the answer, after looking at these pics, we assure you’ll be shaking your head and saying WTF?

Annnd before everyone gets on our case, we know Rob’s not actually homeless. And that homelessness is a huge problem in our country — and all over the world. But really, how else would you describe these looks???

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When he left The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, RPattz looked absolutely relieved to ditch his tux for this casual ensemb. But trust us, on a scale of Rob’s homeless looks, this is just a 1.

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After Rob returned to the U.S. from a long weekend in Montreal with Kristen, he not only sported this hein shirt. He looked P.O.’ed!

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Uhh, can you recognize the bearded dude walking through the bushes? Maybe he was going for the incognito look?

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There’s the [half-]smile we know and love. But while rehearsing a scene — where everyone has cameras — would it be too much to pick out some new clean kicks?

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Whoa! Looks like someone let the electric razor get away from them…

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There are literally no words for this.

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Clean cut Edward Cullen, meet lumberjack Robert Pattinson.

What do you think of Rob’s unbathed look? Are you into it, or is it totally gross? Feel free to comment about any of the pics above!

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  • Pringles

    Fucking ew.
    How hard is it to bloody shave?

  • Keira

    Uh. Ew? Oh well, that’s his style. I’m not going to judge him. I bet he’s really nice!

  • D

    OK- so he looks like he just picked up his clothes from the floor in some of them. He looks clean, though! Slobbish yes-dirty no!! And as for his beard- I think it looks amazing. Maybe what bothers you is that he doesn’t look so young instead he looks like the man he is…

  • Anonymous

    Beard or not t-shirts and jeans or not he is on FIRE, and I certainly wouldn’t kick him out of bed for sporting either!!! He is YUMMMMMMY!!!! Kristen is one lucky girl!!!

  • mindfreak max

    he is just like one of us

  • a person

    maybe he just wants to hide from the fame and try to be a normal person. i guess thats too much to ask these days…

  • hello

    Big sunglasses and a large beard.. I think he just don’t wanna be recognized :)

  • bla

    He is probably just tired of those girls, who keep asking ‘OMG.. are you the guy from twillight??’

  • Anonymous

    dued loose the beard

  • marina vukasinovic

    You shoud mind your business and let him alone. Anyway he is gorgeous and you are so so so jealous.

  • franghi

    So what’s the problem? He is an actor not a diva, if he wants to wear a pair of pants and a shirt that’s his problem not yours.Stop being so dramatic

    • Anonymous


  • Sam

    omg what is going on with him! a beard? and what is with his new haircut? that is just awful!

  • christina

    i like rob patz movies but he need to cut the beard