5 Things Kim Kardashian Should Do Now That She’s Divorced (Again)

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Ok, before we start, let us just say that we absolutely love Kim Kardashian (so much so that we wrote her a birthday poem last week), and we really were rooting for her and Kris Humphries to last forevs. Really. We were. But despite the breaking and, well, heartbreaking news that Kim and Kris are splitting, we decided to show Kim the bright side of all this — there’s still plenty of things she can do now that she’s single and ready to mingle. And no, you guys, we don’t mean get back with Reggie Bush. Check out 5 things we think Kim should do now, below:

1. Film a 2-part, 2-hour divorce special for E!. For those who didn’t waste enough time think the the 2-part, 4-hour wedding special was enough Kardashian, the 2 hour divorce special will pack in all the things you didn’t see behind the scenes of Kim and Kris’ relationship, like Kris bickering with Khloe, Kris making fun of Kim and, oh, wait…

2. Date another football player/basketball player/professional athlete in general. Because clearly that’s worked out really well for her in the past with Reggie Bush, Miles Austin and, ya know, Kris Humphries.


3. Give her 20.5 carat engagement ring to Kourtney, considering Kourt will prob be the next Kardashian sister to get married for attention tie the knot. Orshe can give it to Khloe. Upgrade from those 5 carats, eh?

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4. Write a follow-up book to Kardashian Konfidential, that should be called either “Kardashian Konfidential: Thank God I Didn’t Change My Name to Humphries” or “Kardashian Konfidential: What Kris is Getting in the Pre-Nup: NOTHING.” Has a nice ring (too soon?) to it, we think.


5. Start planning her next wedding. Come on. Like she hasn’t already.


What do you think Kim should do now that she’s single? Did you expect her and Kris to split (this soon)? You can tell it like it is in the comments. Promise.

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  • Trevor

    I can’t believe this is legal….but gay marriages are illegal in most states!!! When will you people learn?

  • Kristine

    She’s an asshole!! Breaking Kris’s heart 4 money!!

  • Alexis

    Ok Kim. I love you I really do. But this some bull! From what I heard you did’nt even tell him to his face that you wanted a divorce? He either had to find out on TMZ or his Basketball people ( I heard both stories). Anyway, I love all yall but Kim thats really messed up and even though I love you don’t be an attention whore. cuz right now, that’s how I feel you’re acting as. And Kris Humphries, I here you Single now, CALL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cindy

    kim is so pahetic.o.m.g.

  • teenage dream:)

    i so knew it wouldnt last she just wanted her fantasy/princess wedding so sge could get more $! Its all about the money 2 her

  • emma

    everyone knew it was a scam..

  • Brianna

    first of all i love kim and all the kardashians, i really do! but the wedding was rushed and she spent so much money on it. millions and millions of dollars that could have been saving the lives of little kids in africa instead of on a doomed relationship.

  • sweetthing


  • ZendeyaFan!


  • Sarah A.

    I think she’s just so desperate to find love because she’s in love with the idea of falling in love. I don’t think it’s an attention, or money thing. she’d be rich w/ or w/o us, but I do think that next time, even when you want to marry someone wait it out another 6 months. I know what it’s like to be in love, but it’s better to slow it down, even when you don’t want it too. Next time watch before you jump.

  • Maja

    this woman is just ANNOYING for real. i don’t know if it was some buisiness advice from her mom again or what.. but marrying a BOY you hardly knew just to say: Hey look everyone i’m married bla bla we’re the knew kate and william bla bla. why?
    the sad news is that these desperate attempts to find love AND make money/ be famous is just not working. and now she gets dirvorced she gets alot of money AGAIN…maan -.-
    MY ADVICE: we should all stop buying her products and watching her show so she’ll get broke and be able to find LOVE 😛

    • Maddy

      That goes witohut saying though. Beauty is beauty (natural or otherwise), and has no special connection to any other human attribute.Where I categorically disagree however is your classification of natural beauty, and that it doesn’t exist. You state that if a girl brushes her hair or washes her face, any measure of beauty she has after then is not natural, which is absurd! What if a beautiful girl happened not to wash her face one day. She’d no longer be beautiful? Truly absurd!

  • Rebecca

    Better luck next time, look before u leap.

  • Godivasweeter

    ….It’s just saddens me @ the amount of $$$ that was spent on that wedding, & the marriage was over before they popped all the tags off the gifts!..Drop a few MILLION on a show-off wedding(lovedittoo) & get divorced in 2 1/2 months! My wedding cost almost $95.00(courthouse) & my marriage is 10 1/2 years old..I wish I had Kardashian Kake!! Kim I really hope you find true LOVE, have a simple ceremony & stop perpertrating for your fans, friends, & the paparazzi bcuz whether she realizes it or not, she has truely crushed @ lot of her fans.

  • Godivasweeter

    ..Now I really think that she was just tryng too hard to compete against her sister Khloe beat Kourtney to the punch & her out-do her bff LaLa!…It’s soo sad that she had a million-dollar wedding (which was stunning) just to say “hey I’m having a FAIRY TALE wedding!! Where is the L O V E @ in hollywood? Smdh

  • shaina M

    I knew it would not last. when there is this much money involved ,that`s all it becomes about,she should have tried harder or given it more time. she is not a person we should look up to, we should focus on people who do good and who we want our children to look up to. she is fake and its getting to much already. All she cares about is making money, (who wants to marry someone who is so involved in money). If she lost all her money who would she be?

  • Charese

    I had a feeling this wedding wouldn’t last…

  • Ashley

    I never “felt the love” between them while watching “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. I think the looked cute together, but I always thought they were… unhappy.

  • NoraVasil

    all this big wedding and planning for nothing, only 72 days of wedding, it’s all FAKE and she’s to old for him what did they espect we all knew that it’s will not last forever or to long…

  • Ms. Salvatore

    I knew they wouldnt last

    • NoraVasil

      everybody knew, it’s all FAKE

      • kiRan

        Yes. But I think the point of this post is, why is all the angst aiangst Kim Kardashian alone. Why aren’t the media giant that turn the Kardashian’s into stars receiving some of the blame? They are, after all, the people who spent the gazillions on the wedding, the ring etc. Perhaps the media moguls could have spent those millions of dollars on documentaries about world hunger, the horn of africa, and violence aiangst women. But no that does not sell. The public, us, have no interest in that. Once again the blame is placed point blank on the woman in the picture. Yet another potentially strong but negatively portrayed role model for young high schoolers out there!