This Pic Doesn’t Lie, You Guys: Demi Lovato’s Offish Back With Her Ex!

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Demi Lovato Wilmer Valderrama

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She can’t deny it now! Demi Lovato was spotted kissing ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama after leaving his home in LA. Oh, and she was wearing all sweats and carrying her boots (from the night before, perhaps?). Think this pic is all the proof we need that Demi and Wilmer are back together? Do you wish it was Joe Jonas that she was caught smooching? We wanna know!

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  • CUTIE65

    im the ONLY cute one suckas

  • cuttie65


  • easenurn

    you definitely love Vestidos de Famosos for less

  • sid

    I hate Wilmer. Demi should probably get back with Joe.They looked perfect together. Jemi fan

  • dameon

    Wtf she is a b**** shes hot but that dude isent hot like me he doesent even have a 6 pack like i do yaaa so f*** him & her

  • Nakisa

    isnt he like wayyy too old for her.. ew

  • purpleninja

    demi’s too good for him.

  • Maite

    I love wilmer valderama but it looks weird how demi and wilmer kissed I mean for god sakes his eyes are open but he is way too old for such a young beatuful girl Demi should be with someone her own age and fez from that 70’s show I love you you are the bomb

  • Like i think her && Joe Jonas are way cute together. Plus… is eyes are open like Wtf.. ??

    • Chasmine

      I appreciate you tkanig to time to contribute That\’s very helpful.

  • Brianna

    I really think that her and Joe should go back together! The other dude sucks!!!

  • Noneofyourbusiness


  • Tiara

    omg joe and demi looked soooooooo cute together and I think her ex sucks!!!

  • Jamie Doongie

    I agree with xoxo but why was his eyes open?

    • Anonymous

      well i can see that shes really kissing fez from that 70s show but still k.i.s. s.i.n.g

  • Jamie Doongie

    Yah I agree with xoxo… But why were his eyes OPEN?

  • i really want it to be joe jonas i really really really really really really really really really really really really really
    love jemi !!!jemi forever

  • xoxo

    I don’t it’s a real kiss. It look like she was forced!

    • xoxoxo

      His eyes are opened too!