From Our BFFS: Wanna See SIX New Clips From Breaking Dawn?!

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Oh ya know, we just snagged up SIX Breaking Dawn clips for you. NBD. [J-14]

Since The Tonight Show is usually on pastour bedtimes, we missed Taylor Lautner last night. Good thing we can watch the full interview here… [Just Jared Jr.]

Speaking of Twilight peeps, Tinsel Korey (ya know, Sam’s chick) is giving us the dish on funny cast moments and Bella’s wedding dress! [Seventeen]

See, guys? We’re not the only ones who dare to pit BFFs Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez against one another. Vote for who’s got the better hair! [Wetpaint]

If you thought singing was Demi Lovato‘s only killer talent, you’d be wrong. [JSYK]

Wait, what? There’s a Rebecca Black documentary?! Now this we’ve gotta see… [Posh24]

Looks like Momager Kris Jenner isn’t too pleased with all the Kim Kardashian backlash. And uh, she’s even calling out Kris Humphries on the whole taking-back-the-engagement-ring thing. [Hollywire]

Is Jessica Biel jealous of Rachel McAdams? We’re gonna go with yes. [ELLE]

Hoodies seem to be the latest RC fashion trend. Well, at least for Justin Bieber and these other guys! [HuffPost High School]

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  • Aleksandr

    If I had to choose btweeen a Selena Gomez concert or Demi Lovato concert, I would choose Demi Lovato because she just seems so much more into singing than Selena (No offense).Selena just stands there, and i would rather get my money’s worth watching someone who actually looks like they enjoy performing than someone’s who only straining to sound the best in a concert (no offense)

  • Frau

    is true and at the same time is so sad, the way she say that, awww, Im so sad, i want them together again or i don’t now I want them to be rnfeids again at least, it’s just that i feel the same way as Demi, the same things she feels for Joe I feel the same way with a friend, and the curious thing is that we look like them! WE ARE JEMI! <3

    • Tween

      WOW THIS IS FANTASTIC. It did raise my vibration just whtiacn it. There are some fantastic pics in this clip that make my heart sing. The dolphins and dogs. Soooo adorables. All the pics are just great. Id love to make posters of them and put them all over my walls lol.THANX SOOOO MUCH FOR THIS POST. And your other ones too.

  • miss13

    O.M.G im very exited 😀 😀 😀
    but im not a twi hard promise 😐

  • green jelly bean

    I LOVE Twilight saga breakin dawn!!!!! I’m Team JACOB:) i can’t wait 2 see the greatest movie!!