You Nailed It! 5 Hot Polish Trends You Need to Try for Fall (Or Prom!)

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In our celeb-obsessed world where every tweet and “Who Wore it Better” column tells us what our Hollywood BFFs are wearing, eating and buying, we can’t help but be a little bit jeal. Well, be jeal no more! Although we may not be able to afford that Burberry trench or the latest Birkin, there is one hot accessory we all can have, and that’s a hot set of hands. It’s time to get your manicure on and learn some of the biggest trends in nails. After all, your nails might just be the best accessory you already own!

The coolest thing about these nail trends are they’re inexpensive, creative and easy to experiment with.  Hey, and if you don’t like how it turns out, just grab nail polish remover and try something else.  Happy polishing!

Magnetic Polish
Sounds like a science experiment, I know, but it’s just regular nail polish with magnetic particles in it.  When you put a magnet near your freshly polished fingers you can make the particles move, forming fun, totally original abstract designs.

Crackle Polish
This cool, gritty look can add a little bit of street cred to any outfit. When placed over any colored polish, it dries to give off a “shattered” appearance. Crackle is like the bedhead of nails. You spend a lot of time getting it right, and it looks like it just kind of happened. Cool!

Dry Nail Polish Strips
These Sally Hansen polish strips come in amazing patterns: flowers, glitter, zebra and pink camouflage. The strips apply easily and last up to 10 days. If you went to a salon to get these designs, it’d take forever and cost a million bucks. Just sayin’.

Moon-Design Polish
This has nothing to do with NASA or the space program; it’s all about the moon shape on your nail. This trend incorporates one color on your entire nail and a painted crescent shape closest to your cuticle in a second color. Feel free to try any color combo (or accessories!) you’d like!

This is the perfect trend for all of us who can never make up our mind when choosing a color (aka everyone). In this case, each nail is painted a different shade of the same color.  If you don’t happen to have five shades of purple in your vast collection, try doing your thumb a darker shade than your other nails.

What nail trends are you obsessed with this season? Give us some pointers in the comments!

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19 Responses to "You Nailed It! 5 Hot Polish Trends You Need to Try for Fall (Or Prom!)"

    nail.blunder.asunder. says:

    ok, my mom just gave me nail polish for my b-day and i have NO IDEA how to paint my nails-HELP!

    beachbabe says:

    i just recently got into doing my nails, and i have NO IDEA what i need to do to prep my nails or what coats i need and all that stuff. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT I NEED TO DO/GET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Kammy says:

      U could just go on YouTube nd search how to paint my nails cute nd then just choose any video nd just follow their directions!!!

    beachbabe says:

    i just recently

    bubblegum123 says:

    i just love nail polish

    bubblegum123 says:

    i am always in the right track. i am the most popular girl in i have to look good.

    maddilovesdogssodou! says:

    i love nail polish

    kendra says:

    you guys should really try you just wait by sinfulcolors its really cool first you apply it to your nail and it will look like nothing is there but after you wait a while for it to dry its a metallic Pink and when you put it up to the light it turns metallic light green

    Petra says:

    I love the magnetic, ombre, and moon

    xoxo says:

    i love magnetic and crackle
    i have to try moon and the stick ons

    Bandgeek says:

    I love the crackle nail polish! Coolest thing!

    Laura says:

    Eat gum instead? :-)

    Mitzee says:

    guys i need help!!!! how can i stop biting my nails (‘~’)

      anonymous says:

      Honestly, it is a lot easier than you might think! I bit my nails since I could chew and stopped finally at the age of 23. I gave myself a rewards system: I stop biting my nails and I buy a cool (expensive) nail polish to celebrate! Nails grow slowly, especially when you’ve been biting the crap out of them, so have a lot of patience. I put 2 coats of clear nail polish on them (one was a nail growth formula), and whenever I wanted to bite my nails I just bit off the polish instead (don’t use colors- they can get stuck in your teeth o.O). Good luck, and you can do it!

    spanishgirl says:

    They’re so cool!!
    But I beat my nails so…

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