Sorry, Kids. We Ate All Your Halloween Candy (Video)

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We can always count on Jimmy Kimmel to roll out the funny vids… or at least compile them and put them together. And that’s what he did with this hilarious montage of kids finding out that their parents ate all their hard-earned Halloween candy. Remember how many houses you had to hit when you were little in order to get a full bag of candy? That’s hard work! Watch as these kids find out where all their candy (and effort) went:

What would you do if your parents told you they ate all your Halloween candy? Would you cry like the kids in the video? Which of these kids in the vid made you LOL the hardest? Leave your story below!

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  • glebeboi

    The blonde kid with the blue pj’s who wasnt too upset with his pregnant mum cos he still had a lil container that she didnt get was cute –
    as were the 2 brothers at the end. The answers from the one in red were classic.. LOL What the heck? – No, I only had like one bite of candy – are you serious? Oh good for you! Now youre probably gonna get a belly ache. and to his brother after 2+2=5 – you did you were so close.
    great clip

  • Norm
  • Ivy

    I wish at least one kid turned businessman…
    Like, “OK, the candy you ate was about $20,$25 dollars, so leave on the desk and we are even.”

  • Poppy

    LOL that’s the funniest video I have seen in my entire
    Life!!! My favorite bits were “dad, your ugly!” That
    One cracked me up. And “2+2=5” hilarious!

  • Lily

    OMG thats the funniest and sadest thing. I wud hav totally cried 2!!! Those parents r horrible. I feel so bad 4 th kids. :(

  • zariah

    lmfao i like wen the kid was like yaaaaa 2+2=5 how could u eat that much candy best part if the video!!!!!!XD

  • Anonymous

    oh my god my tummy hurts now that i laugh so much!:D

  • bunnies

    omg “dad ur ugly!” that was so hilarious

    • zariah

      ya ikr it was!!

  • Tim

    That so funny I going to do it to my son he is going to cry all day long lol

    • Anonymous

      that you would have that attitude about it..check your motive! It’s wrong!!!!!

    • The point was not to make the kids cry – what kind of person are you?

  • Mitzee

    OMG the last one was so funny the boy in the red pj’s talks like an adult so funny ;D

    • teen with a voice

      OMG I loved the last too! The one in the red did talk like an adult and the other one was all “2+2=5” and “You sneaky mom” lol :)

  • Nyah

    The last one was hysterical haha i have to do this to my cousin…

  • twinkel

    we don’t really have halloween in the netherlands :(
    but once i went out to collect some sweets 😉

  • Laura

    Haha! I love the last one. They are so cute! And the one in the red one sounds so much older than he looks like! :-)

  • Lilly

    Omg I love the last pair if kids. Especially the one in the red pajamas.

  • D

    lmao this kids are hilarious

  • Sam

    that was hilarious! i am tearing right now cuz that was so funny!