The Editors Have Met All These Celebrities — And That’s Why We’re Cooler Than You (JK!)

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Haley, Associate Editor
I saw Shailene Woodley outside a movie premiere and knew I just had to take a pic with Amy Jeurgens herself. She is, to this day, one of the friendliest celebs I’ve ever met.

Everyone tells me that Demi Lovato and I look like sisters in this pic. Is it weird that I kind of agree?

The first time I saw Kim Kardashian was backstage at her bebe show at NYFW. See how red my cheeks are? That explains how nervous I was when I met her.

And then a few months later I met her again but this time with Kourtney and Khloe, too. They’re all super sweet, but I think Khloe is my fave.

I met Selena for .5 seconds backstage at her concert. She was nice and all, but I just wish we got to spend some quality time together so we could become BFFs.

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  • Blah

    Oh ya and Katy perry twice, BTR, all star weekend(before they broke up) and Kim K’s boyfriend from when she was 14 broke up
    With her to date my mom, and during the OJ Simpson case my mom and kims ex/ my moms bf called her and she gave them all of the inside details. At a recent red carpet Kim and kourtney recognized my mom…

  • Blah

    Oh ya also my next door neighbor was Nicole richie, and my dogs would get lost in her yard all the time, so we knew eachotger. An to top things off, my grandpa wrote tv shows so every year we send our holiday cards to people like Joan rivers and so I know old celebs also… ( I actually went to a mall and saw Joan and she recognized me and my papa and came to say hi:)

  • Blah

    I interview celebs for MSN wonderwall ( and so I’ve met a LOT of celebs. Justin bieber, all kardashians, Selena, Demi, Jonas bros, cast of vampire diaries, cast of glee, cast of teen wolf, cast of modern family, cast of community, cast of despicable me, cast of victorious and icarly, sytycd judges, Tyra banks, fred, and that’s only naming a few. Also I went to skewl with Megan foxes son, and I was friends with Patrick Dempseys daughter and tallulahs mom… Also my mom worked for Disney and let me
    Met everyone at the Disney channel games… I’ve met a lot of celebs and wat I listed was only a couple.

  • Jared

    I’ve met Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Selena Gomez, & Christina Grimme. Im definitely super jealous of the Kardashian’s, especially Kim twice! & of Rebecca Black. Gotta love them!’ :)

  • I’ve met a few celebrities. I met Selena Gomez last summer, she was seriously the sweetest girl ever. The guys in Allstar Weekend are always so silly and you just never know what they’re going to come up with next. Chelsea Kane was super nice & we bonded over her ex bf’s band The Summer Set. Kyle Massey was so funny. The Big Time Rush guys were really sweet & funny.

    I’m probably most jealous of The Biebs. I will meet him someday.

  • Tiffany Thompson

    Dan is hot.