Watch A New Music Vid Made Entirely Out Of Jelly Beans And Prepare to Be Amazed (Video)

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So apparently newbie singer Kina Grannis wanted to get our attention because she made her new music vid, like, completely out of jelly beans. She must know how much we love candy…

Anyway, we hear Kina used 288,000 jellybeans and the video took 22 months and 30 people to make. Looks like it was worth it though, because the video is AMAZING. And the song, “In Your Arms” isn’t half bad either.

Judge the vid for yourself below:

So, did you like the video? Think Kina’s about to make it big? What’s your fave viral vid on the web right now? Leave it in the comments!

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  • nothingbettertodo

    I loved the vid, and song. Wish I knew where to get a copy of the song. P.S. my kids (G7, B5, G1 1/2) were enthralled by it. Kuddos! 😀

  • nothingbettertodo

    I loved the vid, and the song too. Wish I knew where to get a copy of the song. P.S. My kids ( G7, B5, G 1.5) were totally enthralled. What an awesome idea! Kuddos.

  • spanishgirl

    Hope she will get los of new fans with this video because it took a lot of time
    Pd:i loved it :)

  • Maggie

    IMO, she’s such a brave entertainer . . courageous enough to push the boundaries of so many factors, and I believe that the same courage has made her where she is right now.

  • so cool i luv it. i think its gonna be awesome

  • teen with a voice

    wow the power of art.