Gossip Girl Preview: Is Blair Going All Queen B On Us Again?

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Anyone else miss seeing Gossip Girl on their tube last week? Monday night just wasn’t the same. But GG is back tonight with an all-new ep alled “I Am Number Nine.” Wonder if this ep will have anything to do with the movie, “I Am Number Four?” And maybe Alex Pettyfer will make an appearance?

Okay, so that’s doubtful. But it def looks like Blair’s minions are back in full effect, as is her highly unlikable Queen B attitude. Plus, it looks like GG could be getting the Glee treatment. Maybe.

Watch this preview for tonight’s ep and see what we mean!

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Gossip Girl airs tonight at 8pm on The CW! Do you seeing Blair as her old Queen B self? What do you think is going to happen with Nate and Diana’s relationship? Sound off in the comments!

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  • Sulusarayli

    she looks like crap when ralely she is a beautiful young woman! She will nvr go anywhere with out her makeup and hair done! In fact tonight she was asking my parents go through the drive through at taco bell because she said she wasnt dressed for public eyes! She had been wearing a sundress down to her knees that was very sute! had her hair straightened and in a ponytail. She had also evcen been wearing some makeup but some of it had worn off I always tell her tht she looks the same with or with out makeup but she says yeah like crap! but ralely she is beautiful! she has almost completely clear skin!!! she ralely seems insecure but im not sure i think it may just be the pressure of high school or something i ralely want her to see her real beauty

  • i don’t know cause i like white mike i’m not into nataeinal arcibald i like chuck bass too white mike looks intersting mike
    from 12 cace’s movie last year in 2010 around christmas
    kendra joy bethune
    age 34 33 last year


    can’t wait for this new episode to air! Although am gonna wait ’til thursday for ETC channel to air this here in Phil! :)