From Our BFFS: Is Miley Cyrus Headed Back to the Big Screen?!

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It’s true! Miley‘s gonna play Dracula’s daughter in a new flick called Hotel Transylvania. Sounds approps. [Twist]

Is Jackson Rathbone a Belieber? Does Robert Pattinson keep up with the Kardashians? The answers may (or may not) surprise you… [Just Jared Jr.]

Jacob promised to fight for Bella until her heart “stops beating.” And here’s Taylor Lautner Jacob in a totally awesome clip from Breaking Dawn, keeping that promise. We alwyas knew we loved him. [Seventeen]

Could The Hunger Games beat out Twilight in theaters next year?! Better question: Is that even possible?! [Hollywire]

Hey, fans of The Vampire Diaries! You guys need to go and vote for TVD like #rightthissecond so they can win all these 2012 People’s Choice Awards. [Wetpaint]

A sneak peek at Selena Gomez‘s vid for “Hit the Lights?!” We don’t mind this kind of teasing at all. [Cambio]

This is probs the best Beyonce dance you will ever see. [Posh24]

Update: Adele got throat surgery and is doing a-okay! But the real news is…[Popdust]

And here are “The Best (and Worst) Made-for-TV Weddings.” Yes Kim Kardashian and ex-hubby Kris Humphries are on the list! Can you guess which category they’re under? [ELLE]

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  • Wiwin

    U have another type of chlidhood,thats true,I watched Hannah Montana,and I will ALWAYS love that TV show,but at least Miley Cyrus,Demi Lovato,Selena Gomez the Jonas Brothers are more talented are an inspirations for thousands of kids,like me.Not like Lizzie McGuire,That? So Raven,Even Steven,Phil Of The Furture,Kim Possible,Cadet Kelly, Cory In the house, grew up whatching all the same shows like u exept Even Steven Cadet Kelly,and they didn’t teach NOTHING at all.Sorry but I don’t agree.

  • Ibsexy

    I love u miley cyrus

  • i love nd i mean i love miley cyrus she is da besttttttttttttt lov uuuuuu miley nd 4 all da hater’s that hate’s MILEY CYRUS i know that miley hate her/her 22 ok she did’t do anything comeon people :\:(

  • kyala sweet

    can i get you real phone number

  • kyala sweet

    miley cyrus iam your best fan in the hold world

  • lexxi a.k.a lexis a.k.a alexis a.k.a lex (lolz yeah ikno)

    WELL,she can act and sing yall just need to give her a chance because yeah she hit a turn in her life at one point but GIVE HER A BREAK shes trying to get herself back to acting again

  • jessie


  • brittney

    lol sam i love your coment

  • Sam

    i would be interested in seeing her act again just not singing

    • brittney

      love your commet i fell the same way