10 Things to Know About A.N.T Farm’s Rivals, Stefanie Scott & China Anne McClain

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Do Stefanie Scott and China Anne McClain hate each other or something?! Not IRL that’s for sure, but on Disney Channel‘s show A.N.T Farm, these two are like the biggest rivals ever. And ever since tuning into the new show, we got curious to get the 411 on these A.N.T.s. You are too, right?!

Good, cause we’ve snagged up 10 must-know facts about Chyna and Lexi China Anne and Stefanie just for you. They’re below!

MORE: Stefanie Scott spills on the cast of A.N.T Farm in this EXCLUSIVE vid!

1. Stefanie played little Emma (ya know, Natalie Portman‘s character) in No Strings Attached.

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2. China Anne loves to sing! She even formed a group with two of her sisters called 3mcclaingirls.

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3. But China Anne isn’t the only music-loving A.N.T Farm starlet. Stefanie is in to the whole singing thing too. She released her first single last month called “The Girl I Used to Know.”


4. China Anne started acting in 2005 when she was only 7. Since then, she’s racked up $600,000 from her job! Not too shabby.

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5. Stefanie plays Lexi on A.N.T Farm; a cheerleader who’s super popular and considers herself “Queen Bee,” but IRL Stefanie is actually home-schooled and really down-to-earth.

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6. China Anne, on the other hand, is really similar to her A.N.T Farm character. She plays a middle school musical prodigy named Chyna…get it?

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7. Stefanie had been considered for the part of Tinka on Shake It Up, but it ended up going to Caroline Sunshine instead.


8. China Anne loves The Hunger Games and Twlight! She’s read all the books. Wonder if we’ll spot her at the Breaking Dawn premiere…

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9. Stefanie is a huge animal lover. She’s got a Chihuahua named Mocha, a Bijon named Frosty and two cats named Tinkerbelle and Pumpkin. So cute!

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10. China Anne is connected to Beyonce. Sorta. Her dad produced one of the tracks on B’s sis Solange Knowles‘ album.


A.N.T. Farm airs Fridays on Disney Channel! Which A.N.T is your fave? Which of those facts about Stefanie and China did you not know before? Sound off in the comments!

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44 Responses to "10 Things to Know About A.N.T Farm’s Rivals, Stefanie Scott & China Anne McClain"

  1. Teen.com
    roseller says:

    Hi chyna im one of ur biggest fans ur so pretty and u hv a great voice I sing a little and I hope someday my voice will be better than yours.

  2. Teen.com
    jeanette charlz says:

    Ooh my gosh i think ant farm is really amazing i love all the stars in there expecialy china anne mcclain. i love her alot just wish to meet to meet her sometimes. and if your reading this know that i love you and please reply me love you big .xoxoxo lol….

  3. Teen.com
    chyna lover says:

    chyna am such a big fan you have no idea how much i love you especially the way you dress i also love music like you and i sing a little though my voice is not as perfect as yours but i love you and i wish someday i could borrow your clothes…am from Tanzania i wish you could come here because many people here are big fans….i just wish to see you….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Teen.com
    Conner says:

    The real question is. Is does china really love her fans they don’t have a relationship.
    And they never said that china was down to earth like stefanie Scott.
    Besides she can sing but I hope you dont call what she does on stage acting.
    There are the facts deal with them.

  5. Teen.com
    victoria says:

    u guys are duch stupid ecept the people whi said nnice comments all the rest r rubbish

  6. Teen.com
    Chibby says:

    I think china a rules and she’s completely and utterly amazing
    i only knew a few facts about her
    but i know all her songs!

  7. Teen.com
    shameka fuller says:

    t like china so much as a friend and i wish i can sing just like her but i can sing i just need a little bit practice then i got it but i wish i can see u china mcclain im a big big big fan of u and u are pritty and u go girl thats what im talking about

  8. Teen.com
    Chyna Ann Mcclain says:

    I like austin and alley. but thats just my oppinion because Im friends with them.

  9. Teen.com
    Komariah says:

    remember me china your best online friend!

  10. Teen.com
    vanessa anne says:

    i love u chyna i have all your songs i would realy love to meet you i know u have alot of other fans but i made a birthday wish last year that i would meet u i live in kenya its a country thats on the eastern side of africa i really really luv you i hope u can one day you can come and perform in kenya

  11. Teen.com
    ..... says:

    china i love ur hair how do u make it like thatt

  12. Teen.com
    Ashley says:

    china i love you i want to be like you i am a BIG BIG BIG FANof you and i want to meet you i a from uk,essex i am a girl and my dad writes songs so i could be famous i like you so much I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to MEET YOU to me your great and good at singing i a good at singing,art,sports,dancing,i am good at acting,i am pretty have long big afro hair i keep it natural and i want to meet you i really love china so much and if you are reading i really wish i could meet you i get bulled at school and all my friends would be jealous i am not using my real name but it begins with a e and ends with a a i so want to meet you

  13. Teen.com
    Ashley says:

    China anne i love you so much every day i want to be like you
    i try singing like you i love you i am from england and i want to be famous but i do not know how to i have lots of here and irs really long i am really pretty but china if you are reading this i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOV YOU i want to meet you someday if only you came to england,essex it a nice place but i love you china and if you are reading i want you to know
    1.i love you
    2.i want to meet you i would be so happy
    3.my dad writes songs
    bye pretty china
    wait 4. i am a girl!!!!!!

  14. Teen.com
    china says:

    i love you all

    • Teen.com
      Ashley says:

      Is it really you china answering? i love you and i want to meet you but i live in england,essex i really love you let me knownif it really you and if it is name your sisters names and there birthday

  15. Teen.com
    Veanna says:

    I don’t think China Ann is a very good role model for young girls. It seems as if she may have anorexia. I don’t want to believe this to be true, but look at her. She is WAY underweight for her height and stature.


  16. Teen.com
    Ant farm rocks says:

    If I ever get to meet china I will be so happy and wish for nothing else

  17. Teen.com
    shanice says:

    i love china i want to be just like u someday becky your so racist

  18. Teen.com
    Stefanie and China lover says:

    I think Stefanie Scott is the most prettiest girl I have ever seen in my life! I also think China Anne Mclain is a great musician and singer. I love A.N.T. Farm!

  19. Teen.com
    cinddy says:

    i love china so much gosh u’re perfect

  20. Teen.com
    Becky says:

    I love just stefanie,chaina is black.

  21. Teen.com
    Chyna says:

    I love China soo much I want to sing like her and she is soo pretty! :)

  22. Teen.com
    Sâmeky says:

    Hello, I want to say, I love CHINA ANNE MCCLAIN, I like ANTfarm, but I just watch, because everytime I want see CHINNA ANNE MCCLAIN, I’m from BRAZIL and is my dream to know CHINNA ANNE MCCLAIN…. I love she and I love SELENA GOMEZ of WIZARDS OF WEVERLY PLACE too…. They are so gorgeus, so cute, so beautiful I want ANTfarm, WIZARDS OF WEVERLY PLACE and SHAKE IT UP everytime when I may ….

  23. Teen.com
    Alexa says:

    Ant farm is funny and cool! i really love it

  24. Teen.com
    STARBUSTER says:

    ANT FARM rocks

  25. Teen.com
    hailey says:


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