Our Fave Nickelodeon & Disney Channel Girls Are All Grown Up! (Pics)

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Celebrities Then and NowThis is insane. Did you know that our fave former tween queens are now all between the ages of 18 & 19?? We couldn’t believe how much each of the girls has grown. At least till we saw the latest pics from Victoria Justice‘s Interview mag shoot. Seriously, Vicky’s so hot now! So we’re gonna get a little nostalgic on you guys, mmkay? We found vintage photos of VJ, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Miranda Cosgrove and Debby Ryan, and propped them up next to some of their 2011 mag shots. Peep all their stunning transformations!

Victoria Justice
Can you believe this girl used to play kooky Lola Martinez on Zoey 101?!
Celebrities Then and Now

Miley Cyrus
When MiCy was 15, she posed for Vanity Fair — sans clothing! Now, she’s learned to take on more mature photoshoots like this one for Prestige. With her clothes on.
Celebrities Then and Now

Miranda Cosgrove
Miranda was a big hit on Nick from the start. (Remember Drake & Josh?) But after her recent spread for ELLE, we see the iCarly star in a totally different light.
Celebrities Then and Now

Demi Lovato
And not to completely toot ELLE‘s horn, but we were obsessed with the Demster’s classic look in the September issue.
Celebrities Then and Now

Selena Gomez
Hello, fashionista! Something tells us Selly will do just fine without Wizards ’cause her photo shoot for InStyle was beyond perfection.
Celebrities Then and Now

Debby Ryan
Bailey, who? Apparently when Deb’s Suite Life character was dunzo, she grew up just in time for Jessie and her photo shoot for Zooey mag.
Celebrities Then and Now

Which Nickelodeon or Disney Channel girly is the ultimate tween-queen-turned-young-woman? Who had the biggest transformation? Spill here!

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  • Alyssa


  • Quagmire

    Man I’d wreck Miranda, Giggity giggity giggity

  • cass+1d=love

    i havent noticed any of em changing or growing up that much really but carrrreeeee!! love em they all look zaynly! they so sweet all of em and they look smokin hot. qwazy ryt. smashin pics and miley’s name is spelt wrong… miCey?? what! so embarrassinggg!!!! me goin gaga for these pics effin thouw theey didnt even change a bit. but i still luff em!!
    amayzayn and fablouis and phenominiall and extrodinharry and brilliam pics. luf u my boiz

  • Cachet

    Victoria justice!!

  • kate

    Isnt 15 a little young to be posing naked for a magazine???????///

    • sophia

      That wasnt when she was 15 it was 18!

    • cass+1d=love

      nxt tym read wut is says!!! it doesnt say blah blah bla, use ur eyes slut, 15 is old enuf??? ur just being gayy kate. nakeds cool.

      • Malissa

        You are so G-A-Y. Naked I’m a girl and i don’t like naked

      • Lilly


  • Ellex

    victoria and leon sound so good together.:.selena and debbie ryan are good friends

  • Mels


  • Mels

    The only ones I recognise are debby ryan and
    Selena gomez

  • Julie

    I can’t believe that they are all grown up. They look so different but still kind of the same. Yet we all have that too. I know I still kind of look like the face I had when I was little but I look a little different too. But soon they will stop acting I wish that it isn’t soon. I really hope that Miley Cyrus comes back to acting soon. Miley is a flawless actor. But all of them should keep acting, they all are flawless at acting.

  • Megan

    i love debby ryan and maranda cosgrove luv ya girls yoou are my insparation luv ya

    • Lilly

      I’m 16 and I really want to be a stripper I’m very thin and the boys at school follow me around like puppies