Bruno Mars’ New (Breaking Dawn!) Music Vid Is The Most Romantic Ever

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Ok, so we never knew just how romantic Bruno Mars‘ song “It Will Rain” was until we saw the super sentimental video. It’s all about how if the girl he loves isn’t in his life there will be no sun and it’ll rain and blah blah blah, and we think it’s pretty much the perfect lead single for the Breaking Dawn soundtrack. We’re swooning, and one watch of the vid (below) and you will be too:

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Did ya like the vid? The song? Tell us in the comments, and PS, the Breaking Dawn soundtrack is out now!

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  • Anna Hernendez

    BRUNO IS MY MAN NOONE ELSE`S.Every girl that thinks they can have him can just BACK OFF CAUSE BRUNO IS MY MAN!!!!!.

  • Namalitious

    He is mine !!!!!!!!!! love the song tho xx

  • Breanna

    I love this song so much reminds me of what happened in my life.:)

  • Anna hernandez

    the girl off this music video has a donkeys ass

  • annahernandez

    I hate this girl on the video sooooo much if she looked in the mirror it would crack!! bruno`s my man

  • anna

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!! Its so beautiful I LOVE BRUNO SO MUCH. Im jealous of this slut on this video she got to kiss my man the stupid bitch!!!!! im gonna kill her lol

    • zariah

      lmao thats funny

  • xoxo

    i LOVE this song