12 Celeb Couples We Don’t Hear Enough About (No, Not Including Jelena)

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There’s no denying that we love ourselves some good Jelena gossip stories. But every once in a while, it gets a little old, ya know? And now that Breaking Dawn‘s about to hit theaters, it seems like Robsten (KStew + RPattz) is everywhere we look. So to break away from the youge relationship news, we picked 12 other Hollywood couples that we wanna hear more about. Some purposely try to keep their relationships on the DL, while others are married and we still can’t get enough! (Obsessed, much?)

Let’s begin, shall we?!

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1. Bella Thorne & Garrett Backstrom
Although we would love it if Bella dated Cody Simpson, we can’t deny how happy she looks with newbie actor, Garrett.

Young Celebrity Couples

2. Emma Roberts & Chord Overstreet
They haven’t openly admitted anything (WTF, guys?), but the constant canoodling and back-and-forth cutesy tweets say it all.

Young Celebrity Couples

3. Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder
Thank goodness these two finally came out about their relaysh. Elena may love Stefan on TVD, but Team Damon rules IRL!

Young Celebrity Couples

4. Beyonce & Jay-Z
These two have been together for for-eh-vah, and we’re still not sick of ’em. Imagine how obsessed we’ll be after little Bey-Z’s born!

Young Celebrity Couples

5. Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield
Slowly but surely, the adorkable duo from The Amazing Spider-Man is letting us in on their secret love fest. We want more, you guys!

Young Celebrity Couples

6. Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth
K, so we’ll admit that these two used to make us wanna gag with their on-again-off-again relationship. But after Liam’s recent interview, we think they’re too cute together.

Young Celebrity Couples

7. Sarah Hyland & Matt Prokop
We met the “sweatpant couple” to chat about their new flick, Geek Charming, and here’s what we gotta say: Justin & Selena, move the hell over!

Young Celebrity Couples

8. Ashley Benson & Ryan Good
After we completely stalked checked out their tweets to one another, we know exactly who to give the Most Swagtastic Couple Award to — Ryley!

Young Celebrity Couples

9. Torrey DeVitto & Paul Wesley
That’s not just the Vamp-y star and his new PLL girlfy. They’ve been married for over half a year! Talk about being out of the loop…

Young Celebrity Couples

10. Jennifer Lawrence & Nicholas Hoult
Jen and Nick keep their relationship so under wraps, we couldn’t even find a good pic of them together! Howev, did you see what she said about him during our interview?!
Young Celebrity Couples

11. Zoe Kravitz & Penn Badgley
Unlike other Gossip Girl stars’ dating lives who we hear too much about (::cough:: Blake), we wanna know more about Penn and his X-Men GF!

Young Celebrity Couples

12. Victoria Justice & Ryan Rottman
So what if Ryan’s practically 10 years older than Vic? As long as it’s legal love, it’s cute.

Young Celebrity Couples

Which kinda-closeted couple do you think is the cutest? Who would you put on your list? And are you kinda sick of hearing about Jelena? It’s okay, you can totally tell us.

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  • kylie

    It would’ve been better if zendaya had a bf<|3 , but all cute couples ! ;D

  • felecia

    garrett is not 17 u idiot. check your facts before u post that teen.com should

  • VickyGuinea

    I think the cutest couples are Bella Thorne & Garrett, and Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson ♥

  • LYLA


  • Anonymous

    miley and her bf look weird, she looks like she’s his son
    but whatever they like each other so i guess it’s still cute (:

  • i love bella thorne and garret together!!! there soooo cute together!!!!!!!!! i love u bella and hope to be like u 1 dya u r my inspiration!!! i love u!<3<3<3

  • yhiuohdfsjlk

    Tired of seeeing post about bella. yall worship her. its annoying. like if she isn’t confortable enough to come out with her relationship with him than whats the point of glorifying it. Its stupid. He’s an unknown actor and hse cant do nothing. cant dance sing. She’s annoying and its sad that he has to live in the shadow of a 14 year old.

  • notin on me

    wow teen.com do your effin research. Garret is 17 and bella is still 14. Even though they ARE dating *ho* In a year it i’ll be illegal.

  • bella garret look so great together ;}

  • Maite

    I think that the are all so cute together :)

  • jose

    I’m sooo jel of Garrett Backstrom…XD

  • lucky

    eewie. nich & jen arent couples. aahhh my crushes are taken but i know theyll gonna be single tomorrow. love em & chord, cuties!

  • Sam

    i want to hear more about bella and garret. they look so cute together!

  • Bo99

    Miley & Liam definitely. Will never forget the Paris photos of them a ways back. They looked so beautiful and perfect together.

  • TayTay

    OMG Sarah and Matt are soooo cute together!! luv them together. so excited for their movie tonight! 😉

  • ryles

    definatly bella and garret they look so adorible 2gether

  • zoey101

    nice pics.. in my option i strongly think bella should remain with cody. what do you guys think?

  • meiner

    Sorry, teen.com makes the set of messages about Selena and Bieber. Each Complaint goes to teen.com, but not to Selena or Bieber!

  • jojo

    hey is that your boyfriend?

  • Samantha Douglas

    Where Kevin And Danielle, And Nick And Delta Goodrem They Are The Cutest.