Gossip Girl Preview: Are Nate and His Cougar Headed For Splitsville?

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Okay kids, remember how last week on Gossip Girl Nate and Charlie ended up like kinda sorta hooking up and Diana got all jeal and decided to put their relationship out in the open? Well, on tonight’s ep, “The Big Sleep No More,” we think Diana’s changed her mind about her little fling with Nate.

Could our prediction about Nate and Charlie soon becoming the next UES couple be right?! Cause we’re thinking what Diana tells him in this preview could make that happen:

Gossip Girl is on tonight on The CW at 8pm! What do you think is gonna happen with Nate and his cougar? Think this will push him towards Charlie? Would Charlie and Nate make a cute couple? We wanna know, so spill it!

P.S. Get more Gossip Girl here!

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  • i don’t know cause i don’t watch gossip girl any more i have a i have convosations with my sister i don’t follow sometimes u r all 2 bit rich uptight kids to me espcailly nathinel archibald
    nate sounds so kiddie i’m 34 i was sleep and rolled my hair got outta bed last night i like nathinel to show respect i am middle class i don’t think you guys would hang out with people like me after reading the gossip girl books but that’s okay cause i was listing to all i have to give the backstreet boys with a nick carter picture and aj