Everything You Need to Know About Selena’s New Vid, Bieber’s Mama Drama and Teen Mom 2!

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So Selena Gomez‘s new vid for “Hit the Lights” is here and it’s basically just one big disco party/dance/rave/outdoor prom. We won’t say too much about it because, ya know, we kinda have already, so we’ll just let you watch the awesomeness for yourself. It’s all below:

But Selena’s not the only one with a new video…

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  • Red

    I feel So sorry for Stephanie J Block she is brillant as Elphaba but she is out senihd by Idina Menzel because Idina was in two production of Wicked (orginal and broadway) and stephanie was in the on after Idina in the U.S. I was kind of hoping she was going to be in the Australian verison but Jemma Rix was awesome so its all good

  • i wasent a big fan it was cool but i wasent to thrilled about it she said the dam word 2 times and the word screwed 1 time

  • I like this new vid, and the song too.. Sel! Good job, gurl :)

  • Anonymous

    I like this new vid, and the song too.. Sel! Good job, gurl :)

  • shamanais

    stop fightin girlzzzzz stop being sissy lalas

  • hey girls wats up with u too u sissy lala’s

  • Ok so just because she is brought up by disney doesn’t make her a product.!

    • d-bear i don’t undersatnd what ur sayn

      • Gerard

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    • u go d bear i sooo agree with u and get a life naomi hes probably older than u anyways

      • Naomi

        What are you talking about? You know, by telling me to go get a life means that you really just wasted your time typing that, which means you don’t have a life.

      • hey hey heyladies +stop fiting u sissy lala’s

      • U go cutie!!!!!!

  • what????? im lost i donno what is going on niether mama drma or how bout i knw the tenn mom2

  • that really made a huge relif for me im soooooooooooo happy

  • bea

    who cares if she said the d word and she’s Not anorexique !!!!!!!!!!! whoever doesnt like her has got another thing coming !

  • its a good muisic video but i could get a couple of friends and easily make a vid just like it

  • Did she just say the d word in the begging?

    • Anonymous

      she did I looked up the lyrics

  • Naomi

    The video is kind of boring. The first half towards the second part was okay, but the third part towards the ending was all over the place. I’m not too crazy about the song. It’s very generic, same thing goes for the video. She’s just another manufactured product of Disney.

    • Freashname

      whatever stop hating!!

      • bea

        ano stop hatin’ she is NOT another “disney product” and neither is any other Disney STAR !!!!!!!!!!

      • Naomi

        How am I hating if I’m saying the truth and giving constructive criticism?

      • Naomi

        And yes, she is another Disney product programmed to act and sing a certain way to appeal to a younger audience.

      • Anni

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    • She is not a Disney product and she can do what ever she wants . your just jealouse cause she is dating justin bieber!!!

      • Naomi

        Yes she is a Disney product and why would I be jealous of her? Because she’s dating Justin? I could care less for Justin Bieber. I don’t care for the kid.

    • Ok so your telling others to get a life when your really wasting yours

      • Naomi

        Why are you still arguing with me? It’s not that serious. It’s just a video, calm down. I only said what I had to say about the video, which I don’t apologize for. There are other people on other sites saying worse things about this video than me, so don’t make me out to be the bad guy in this discussion.

      • hey hey hey big fat mama drama ladies don’t be sissy lala’s

      • Well sorry i’m tired of people making such a big deal of stars growing up and saying crapy things about them just over videos and pictures and what the say or do.


      UR TELLING US TO CALM DOWN?!?!?!?! ok im done being mad… lol sorry


      UR TELLING US TO CALM DOWN!?!?<—that was sarcasm only..ok im done being mad..lol sorry


      YOU ARE TELLING US TO CLAM DOWN?!? <—that was sarcasm…lol sorry BTW TEEHEE


      why are u telling us to calm down. look at ur own comments!! well that was all just sarcasm so sorry :) lol TEEHEE internet these days…..

  • zoey101

    this video is awesome. i really love you Selena

  • Anonymous

    selena gomez is so skinny
    her elbow are so sharp
    god i hope she isn’t anorexique !!!