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A lot happened this week in the world of celebrities, kiddos. Like, lots. And since unfortch we can’t talk to you guys in person and get your thoughts on what’s going down, we figured we’d do it the best way that we can — via the internet. All you gotta do is vote in these polls on the biggest things that happened this week — including the premiere of Breaking Dawn and the premiere of Selena Gomez’s new music vid — so we know what you’re thinking and how you’re feeling about, well, about everything that we at Teen.com care about.

So, let’s begin, alrighty?

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  • I really wanted him to take the paternity test although i knew it wasnt his…;)

  • Thanks Haley Longman. I most like Poll.


    Ughhh.. Can someone tell me why bruno mars’ new vid FOR breaking dawn isnt on this site. I think he is just amazing and should be features ALOT more,, I love teen.com but im getting really sick of reading about Bieber and Selena and would like to see much more on others,, where can I recommend this?

  • Mari :D

    wow! love polls 😀

  • xoxo

    darn i really wanted him to take the paternity test although i knew it wasnt his

  • Deff. Breaking Dawn! Tomorrow my besties are sleeping over, then we’re gonna head over to Ridgehill and see it! ,<

  • i think i am awesome!