Stuff To Post On Your Wall: Funny Pics, Vids and Random Amazingness

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Don’t you love going on Facebook and finding hilarious photos and heart-warming videos that your friends and family post? Yeah, if it’s not completely obvious by our Facebook wall, we do, too. Which is why we’re arming you with ammo so you can one-up your friends next time you see an LOL-worthy pic on someone’s wall. Feel free to take any of the below pics/vids/random stuff and put ’em on your Facebook/Tumblr/other social media page to share with your BFFs!

Ok, now don’t even bother commenting. Well, you can. Tell us which of these funny pics is your fave. But then go! Share, share, share!

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  • Valorie

    I love this site

  • Anonymous


  • jbluver

    i was tots crying at the dog vid, SO CUTE!!!!!!!!

  • Dillanger

    Superior thinking demtosnrated above. Thanks!

  • They’re all kind of fun but my faves are kristens’ one and give it to your mother.
    I could not live without this funny pics!
    Thank u all guys!
    Kisess from Spain!! :)

  • Lol at the faceboók and Kirten Stewart thing!!

  • jessie

    yeah… i like the doggy ones two!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • The one that said one word that describes school.

  • The last one is funny….and true!

  • xoxo

    give it to your mother she knows how to do it

  • Anonymous

    they’re all pretty good, but the bieber meat cake/ball is hilarious

  • Sam

    i love the doggy ones, the picture and the dog video was cute!

  • how cute look at the puppies s!ck

  • TayTay

    <3 the facebook one

  • alissa

    lol, this is awesome 😀