Photoshop This: Come Up With a Funny Photo, Win a $25 iTunes Gift Card

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Every week we see some pretty bizarre-o pics online, whether we’re searching around our favorite meme sites or just looking at RC pics of the hottest celebs. And since SO many of you have sick Photoshop skillz which we are seriously lacking, we wanted to put together a weekly little contest called Photoshop This. Each week, all you gotta do is take the photo we supply right here, alter it, make it ROFL-worthy, and upload it for the staff to see. If we like yours, you’ll win a $25 iTunes gift card and we’ll feature it as our winner next week when we reveal our new photo!

Need some inspiration for what we think is funny? Here you go:

Now, here’s the pic for you to manipulate, add funny ish to and submit. Ready, go!!!

Splash News

We’ll announce our winner Monday 11/28 and entries received after 12:01 AM ET on 11/28/11 will not be considered. Good luck!

What’s your fave site for funny photos? What do you think Justin & Selena were thinking at this exact moment? Comment below!

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5 Responses to "Photoshop This: Come Up With a Funny Photo, Win a $25 iTunes Gift Card"

    xy 4eva says:

    Salena is using him like a butler!
    GO GIRL!!!!!

    vampygirl101 says:

    that so does not look like Justin! :P

  3. says:

    do we get to see everyone’s entry? this will be really funny!!

    Tasfia says:

    Yeah, it is…they look like a gr8 cupple!

    kiondra lewis says:

    iz dat really jb? idk who dat iz lol help fashion police

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