Why Netflix Might Actually Be The Devil

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Netflix is the devil! I know what you’re thinking, “That’s a pretty strong statement, Alison,” and you would be right. But I am fully prepared to back it up with hard facts, statistics and graphs…slash really just with my own humble opinion which I believe to be totally and absolutely one hundred percent correct.

Don’t get me wrong. Netflix does have some good points and it’s not pureevil: It’s cheap, popular and easy (kind of like the girl you hate in school who gets all the guys!) and it definitely changed the entertainment biz and revolutionized how we view movies and TV shows. I’m all for spending a Sunday afternoon watching old eps of Gossip Girl I might’ve missed like, for example, that whole weird Serena-dates-an-artist thing in Season 2 that I didn’t catch the first time around. And nothing’s better than introducing your new boyf to your favorite rom-com Love, Actually that came out in 2003. But that’s where my list of pros ends.

The CW

My problem with Netflix isn’t about TV shows or revisiting movies from our past; it’s about ruining the movie experience in our present and future. The way I see it, Netflix and its little red envelope are the Cliff’s Notes of cinema. They may make our lives simpler but they’re really stealing from us.  My teacher used to say, and I paraphrase, “You’re not cheating me by reading Cliff’s Notes, you’re only cheating yourself.” I didn’t understand it back then, but I get it now. Easy is rarely better, guys!

I know movies can be expensive and Netflix offers a suitable alternative, but certain movies have earned the right to be viewed on the big screen. They deserve red velvet seats, popcorn, surround sound and a packed house. They can only be fully appreciated in their natural habitat. Personally, I look forward to seeing Hugo, The Hunger Games and Snow White and the Huntsman in a giant theater packed with fans while enjoying my oversized soda and ridiculously overpriced junior mints, thankyouverymuch.

So please, promise me this: When Titanic 3D is released this spring, you will put on some shoes and head to the movies. I think we owe it to Jack and Rose, don’t you?

Do you agree with my rant about Netflix? Are movies better seen in theaters than on our little TV’s? Which movies are you looking forward to seeing in theaters in 2012? Sound off in the comments!

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  • mckinley

    i am in love with netflix. haha, i have been watching it all afternoon. I know this is not the best thing but i am totally addicted. (:

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  • Sophie

    That’s kind of stupid… I mean really, your silly opinion isn’t a fact. I heart netflix. And, you can choose not to read the summary of the movie. It’s not required or anything…Just because you get netflix, it doesn’t mean that you won’t see it in the movie theater.

    • Donna

      I think you are a mean person. Stupid and silly opinion? Everyone is entitled to their opinion including you but there is no need to get ugly. You could have used other words. So, you love Netflix…that doesn’t mean you you can’t look at someone else’s view point.

  • Sophie

    That’s kind of stupid… I mean really, your silly opinion isn’t a fact. I heart netflix. And, you can choose not to read the summary of the movie. It’s not required or anything…Just because you get netflix, it doesn’t mean that you won’t see it in the movie theater.

  • Lauren

    I like netflix for 1 reason. somebody told me about a movie called Forget Me Not and we don’t have it in the UK so typed it into netflix and I enjoyed it. So that’s the only reason I use it. Yep to watch forget me not

  • PTL0129

    How is this going to stop people from watching movies in theatres? It’s a solid 4-6 months before it gets released on DVD/BD and SOME studios don’t put them up on Netflix. You want to rush to see comedies before people start telling you the jokes and funny scenes.

    And heres a good point: Certain movies are edited in their theatrical cuts. ‘Limitless’ literally contained alternate takes without profanity and other cuts made for violence. Personally happy I didn’t see that one in theatres.

  • Darrell B

    No movie deserves to be seen in a theater. In fact, no movie deserves to be seen.

    The movie business is a business. Whether their movies are seen in any form depends on them producing a product that the viewers are willing to pay for.

    As far as the big screen is concerned, the experience of a great large screen home theater system in a fairly small room is very similar to watching in a movie theater, except for those annoying people who insist and talking during the movie.

    I also find it odd that you single our Netflix who is making movies available in HD… when Apple and I-tunes are selling movies made for the tiny screens of Ipods and Iphones.

    • PTL0129

      Apple/iTunes sell movies in HD, albeit usually $.99-1.99 more than standard def. They look fine on my HDTV.

  • aly

    But Netflix doesn’t have movies that are in theaters, just one’s that are out. Not everybody can afford to see movies in the theater or rent them so it is nice to be able to wait (sometimes for a very long time) for it to be available. Plus there are a lot of little known movies and indie’s that may have never been in theater or classic films that not many people today know about but may discover on Netflix. Thought I do prefer a movie theater setting (the big screen and sound) Netflix has a lot of upsides.

  • John Wayne

    No, I disagree. My smallest TV is 60″, but I prefer to watch my movies at home. Why? I got my project that displays in beautiful 1080p and it’s currently at 210″, I lay back and enjoy the movie with my 7.1 surround sound and there’s no one else to ruin anything. I can also pause, rewind, put subtitles, see bonus features, etc. No other noises to disturb you, like kids crying, people talking or coughing, stupid laughs when something is not even remotely funny, etc.

  • Mari :D

    I will Titanic was one of the best movies ever made i just have to go watch it in 3d

  • Lenny

    As much as I believe Netflix has done damages to the motion picture industry, like iTunes did to the Music industry; I don’t fault them for their conveniences.

    I think that entertainment experiences as a whole has been shifting from large community events, to personalized solo experiences. Technology has shifted society into watch movies and enjoying music on i-devices not large theatre screens, or concert halls.

    But take a step further back and you’ll see that today’s generation is more comfortable using these devices to communicate and build virtual-social networks of friends, instead of making phone calls, or talking topple in person; like we did, in the days of yore.

    Society has declared new “norms” when it comes to entertainment; technology has made better-quality on-demand experiences less expensive and Netflix, Red box, Blockbuster, On-Demand, etc…have all profited from this paradigm shift. Don’t fault them for making money. I can be entertained for a year with any of the aforementioned providers for the cost of family-night out at the movies, with overpriced concessions.

  • Ariadne

    Im lookin forward 2:
    The Hunger Games
    The Avengers
    Snow White & the Huntsman
    Breaking Dawn Part 2 (duh who isnt)
    My Graduation
    My Prom
    My 1rst Trip 2 CALIFORNIA!!!!! (graduation & Bday present)

  • hayley

    Dont hate on netflix it affordable and has great tv shows and movies!!!!!!!!