New Couple Alert! Cody Simpson and Kylie Jenner Are Totally Dating

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We’re seriously happy that Bella Thorne has a boyfriend, Garrett Backstrom. Because otherwise, we think this pic of her crush, Cody Simpson, out on a DATE with Kylie Jenner might seriously depress her. According to Us Weekly, the Codester and the youngest of the Kardash klan hung out togeths at The Grove in LA over the holiday weekend and are basically getting married when they’re old enough dating.

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But guess what? We don’t find this surprising even a little, considering Cody and Kylie were totally flirting when they met at the Breaking Dawn: Part 1 premiere last week. Kylie even told him “You’re my rumored boyfriend on Twitter!” and then at the end said to Kendall, “I”m just glad we got Cody.” We are too, Kylie. We are too:

Do you think Cody and Kylie are offish? Would you prefer Cody with Bella? Think Cody can replace Kris in the Kardashian household? Tell us everything!

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  • miya

    cody could better he is way out of that things leguge

  • Lauren

    Why are people saying that they’re are too young? Have you seen THIS generation? 13/14 year olds already doing drugs and have sex and you’re saying that DATING is TOO young when they are actually 14 (Cody is 15)?
    Kylie and Cody wouldn’t be a good couple anyways
    She MADE UP the rumor that they were dating
    Now, it’s all over
    Cody hates rumors and she created one which caused Cody a lot of stress on his plate.
    I think that him being friends with Jenners/Kardashians is just bad news.
    They wouldn’t be a good couple anyway
    The only reason why Kylie and Kendall are famous is because of Kim’s sextape.

  • Woman is the Real Nigger of the World

    He best enjoy it now, because eventually this “hoe in training” will revert to mudsharking, just like the rest of her attention-whoring, slutty sisters. The Kardashians are the epitome of trash. Expect her sex tape soon.

  • Ugh

    Yeah, Cody does have the right to chose who he should date.
    But these Kardashian/Jenner people ; are just attention-whores. (Just saying)
    Like seriously, Kendall wanted to date Justin Bieber ?
    And now, their youngest sister is trying to date Cody Simpson ? That’s not right.
    These Kardashian/Jenner people, I HATE. Like, I LITERALLY hate these attention-whores.
    Since when is their reality TV show isn’t about drama? All they have is drama.
    Cody would BETTER OFF with Bella instead of Kylie.
    I’m done with these retarded rumors of Cody Simpson & Kylie Jenner.

    • Fabio

      Kylie! Everyone always loves Kendall (I used to too beorfe) but now that Kylie’s older you can tell that she is much prettier! Kendall has good facial features but Kylie is prettier in general.

  • Alysha

    I think they are a good couple….They are cute together. My friend thinks that she is datting cody but she lives in south dakota and famous people just dont date people that are not famous. She is in her own little world, and she supposly has a bf here but she keeps telling me that she is datting cody simpson which is not true cause if it was true it would be in the news and its not and she thinks that he is going to move to south dakota to be with her which is not true. He is not old enough to move anywhere on his own. He is 15 and she is 18. I meen i wouldnt date a 15 year old. I would want to date someone my own age. She says she has been inlove with im for the past 3 years and she has spent over 600 dollars just buying his t-shirts and all that but i know its not true cause her mom wouldnt let that happen. What do you guys think of the whole deal of my friend thinking that her and cody simpson are datting?

    She is just in her own little world.

  • I

    I dont think they are a good couple i know its not our decision but they just dont look good together when i first saw Kylie i thought she was like 20 but then i figured out that shes 14 but id rather see Bella and Cody together sorry to Kylie but its true

  • Natasha

    I love Kylie Jenner and Cody Simpson and I think that they make the perfect couple, let them have fun and stop hating, your choice doesn’t really matter, does it.

  • Lovee

    They aren’t dating. He said so himself.. just saying! lol 😀

  • Jill

    I’m not a fan of Cody or Kylie but I believe they are too young to be dating. I mean they aren’t even old to drive!

    • nubnub

      thats the stupidest tthing i ever heard they are not to yourng to date your u fuccked up biiitch

  • LaLa

    Just because they are “hanging out” does not mean they are dating! I don’t really care much for Cody, so I am not writing this because I’m a fan. I have a guy friend, and I’m sure all of you do too, and everyone says we should date or “go out”. It gets really annoying after 9 months of being friends.

  • dina

    just beacuse they hangout, it does not mean at all they are dating , just just means theyare two friends spendign tiem togehter that si all , and hid magier is right, all of this is justa rumur nto true at all just lies.

  • Meghan

    Cody tweeted it was just a rumor and his manager Matt Graham also said that Cody is on the road with people much older than him and sometimes he just wants to hang out with kids his own age. Also, not sure if it was actually a “date” because Cody’s entire family was also with him & Kylie. Personally, I don’t think they’d be a good couple if they ARE dating. I do like Kylie on KUWTK, but I just think that their personalities are too different. Also, Kylie seems a bit spoiled (at least that what I can tell from watching KUWTK). I’m a true Simpsonizer and I WILL respect Cody when he openly/publicly dates a girl in the future. Even if im not his girl’s biggest fan, I’m obviously going to respect her and her relationship with Cody. If you’re a true fan, in the future you’ll want Cody and his family & friends to be happy. After all, Cody is a normal 14 year old boy who just happens to be in the spotlight. Let him live his life and hang out with whoever he wants and let him know that he can date whoever he wants and us fans will be respectful to the choices he makes.

  • Ana Sandoval


  • Jane

    he tweeted that its just a rumour

  • super cody fan

    i think they don’t look good together i prefered Bella and Cody

    • Kayla

      i mean i don’t really think they would be cute but its not really up to us if i had to choose a girl i would choose bella throne and cody

  • nazifasimpson

    sweett couple..>,< i like it…
    love cody simpson

  • Lucylu (aka Blah)

    ohh!! I luv it!

  • Mary Luce Lozama

    AAAWWWW they look so cute

  • dancer

    no, just, no. he deserves me or at least someone smart and pretty! i mean i’m sure kylie is a great person, but they just don’t seem right for each other

  • Sam

    they look cute together but i thought kylie was a lot older than him

    • alex

      kylie’s only 14

  • mellie

    They’d be cute but he could do wayyyyy better than a Kardashian sister.

  • vampygirl101

    Kylie Jenner is so gross come on plz JK

  • Princess Z

    like Oh My Gosh!