10 Clues: Guess the Movie!

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Welcome to another week of 10 Clues: Guess the Movie! You guys totally killed it last week with how fast you got the answer to our movie guessing game. So we have another challenge for you. And this time, we don’t think you’re gonna do as well. It’s kind of a little harder. Prove us wrong and get started right now!

MORE: Can you guess last week’s flick?

1. This song is played many times throughout the movie.

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10 Clues: Guess the Movie!
  • Veronica

    I love this it is cool

  • Meagan

    This is easyyyy!! It’s Love Actually! I <3 that movie! 😀 xx

  • Tiffany

    Love Actually! Definatly…..couldn’t be anything else :)

  • N!nw@

    love actually

  • anastasia

    yes, it’s “love actually”!

  • Ed

    rando actor #2 is Andrew Lincoln – he isn’t so Random – Walking Dead.

  • Arianna Taylor

    I’m with you Sam never

  • tiffany lane

    Love Actually

  • Fia

    love actually

  • anonymous

    Love Actually!

  • Hanna Harwood

    Love Actually

  • danielle elzinga

    its love actually…. love this movie to pieces

  • Sam

    i’ve never seen or heard of that movie