8 Things to Know About the Cuties of Disney’s New Show, Austin & Ally!

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Austin and Ally CastAfter the incredible success of Jessie, we think Disney Channel might have another hit on its hands. Austin & Ally centers around four teenagers — played by Ross Lynch, Laura Marano, Calum Worthy and Raini Rodriguez — who pretty much have (or plan on having) the careers we’ve always dreamed of: singer, songwriter, fashionista and director. And they’re only supposed to be 15 year-olds!

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While it’s slightly unbelievable, we still think we should introduce you to the next big stars to come to Disney…

Ross Lynch (Austin)
Ross (second from the left) is part of a teen band called R5 along with his four siblings:
Riker, Rocky, Ryland, and Rydel. Hence the name, R5.
Austin and Ally Cast

Laura Marano (Ally)
If you think you recognize her last name, it’s probably ’cause her big sis,
Vanessa Marano, was also one of our New Stars! She’s from Switched at Birth, ps.
Austin and Ally Cast

Calum Worthy (Dez)
When he was 4, Calum decided he wanted to become an actor after watching Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone.
Austin and Ally Cast

Raini Rodriguez (Trish)
Raini bounced back-and-forth between Disney Channel series & movies (The Suite LifeProm) and Nickelodeon series (True Jackson, VP). But ultimately (and obviously), she landed a full-time gig with Disney.
Austin and Ally Cast

Ross Lynch
He’s hung out with Darren Criss IRL! Why?
Oh, just because his brother Riker’s a Warbler. NBD.
Austin and Ally Cast

Laura Marano
Clearly, Laura has to be a smartie. She spent a majority of her last year of elementary school on Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?!
Austin and Ally Cast

Calum Worthy
Not only is Calum a talented actor, he’s also an awesome pianist.
In fact, he won the Canadian National Young Composer’s Award (piano) when he was 11!
Austin and Ally Cast

Raini Rodriguez
 Her little bro is also kind of a big deal. It’s Rico Rodriguez! Maybe you’ve heard of him slash recognize him from Modern Family?
Austin and Ally Cast

You can catch a preview of Austin & Ally this Friday at 9:30p (EST) on Disney Channel. Then, watch the series premiere this Sunday! Are you going to tune in? Which newbie are you most excited to see? Think the show will be better than Jessie? Shout out your thoughts!

And PS, stay tuned for EXCLUSIVE interviews with the cast on the set of Austin & Ally!

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  • moniqye lewis


  • Melody umukoro

    Hi! Im melody 4rm nigeria in africa.i luv ross xo much he is so cuute!

  • Melody umukoro

    Hi! Im melody 4rm nigeria in africa.i luv ross xo much he is so cuute,luv ix voice…raini ix cul,calum ix xo funy nd laura ix prity.




    I am beautiful and intelligent

  • Chayze jackson

    Honestly…i dnt wnt austin nd ally to end ross and laura really really make a cute couple…

  • kalilah

    I the case of austin and ally I think they are cool I love ross lynch he is so cute laura marano is so pretty , raini rodriguez she is so cool and calum worthy is so funny

  • winnie

    Hi Ross lynch am from kenya in Africa I like your movies alot .

  • vickie proctor

    Hi Ross Shor Lynch this is Vickie Ann Proctor I am a big fan I love you so much and I have written you a latter and told you how I am in the latter R.S.L<3

  • Cassandra

    REALLY?! I know u girls are not dating Ross u imbesible MORONS!!! First of all, NONE OF YOU GUY ARE PERFECT TYPE! YOUR ANNOYING TYPE!!!!!! I´m pretty sure Ross Lynch would think the same thing!

  • KatyPerry Rocks

    Man! I just love that show, and I never want it to end!!!!!!! They SHOULD date in real life, but I don´t really want to pressure them.

  • KatyPery Rocks

    Man! I just love that show, and I never want it to end!!!!!!! They SHOULD date in real life, but I don´t really want to pressure them.

  • Anonymous

    I love austin and ally. Ally really inspired me to be a writer and she reminds me of me. My friends say I’m like her. (I can’t dance)

  • jade west

    Hi but im his girlfriend!!!

  • abby

    I austin I love austin and ally because its so funny and cool I think you and laura marano must go out in real life you are made for each other

  • vickie prcotor

    hey this is vickie i do love ross lynch to and i have poster of him. i have never seen him in person before but i birthday was 2 days a go and i wanted to meet him face to face but my mom and dad sad that will never going to happin to me in my life so i am really sad :(