Stuff To Post On Your Wall: Our Cheapo Gift to You Each Week

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You know we love giving away free stuff. But we can’t let EVERYONE win the chance to meet Justin Bieber. Or a custom pair of heels. Or autographed Big Time Rush music. But these, these we can give to all of you. Because, let’s face it, they’re just photos we wrote on. Happy Holidays!

Tell us which of these funny pics is your fave. But then go! Share, share, share!

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  • Happy Hands

    I like the Justin Bieber one. Too funnie!!!

  • Zendaya_143

    I <3 Justin Bieber's one the best :)

    • jazmyne

      I agree. He is the best. :)

  • Princess Z

    OMG the last one

    • Sarah

      ur right the last one’s just like LOL

  • Lol

    These aren’t funny in the slightest.

  • werhrdaqw

    HAHA da last one is funny