The (Hilarious) Holiday Gifts That TV Stars Would Give Each Other

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One of my favorite things about the holiday season, besides the salted caramel hot chocolate at Starbucks (Mmmm, delish!), is giving and receiving presents. Everybody loves prezzies! And wouldn’t it be fun to imagine what some of our TV BFFs might be getting each other for X-mas? Well, we are one step ahead of you! Check out the holiday gift list we’ve come up with from one character to another from our fave shows like Glee, The Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars. Oh, I hope they like ‘em!

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The Vampire Diaries: Elena gives Damon a copy of The Secret. This will help him focus on what he wants from his eternal life so he can put it out there into the universe (hint, it’s her!). Imagine what his vision board would look like. I’m guessing a Hawaiian vacation and a puppy will not be on it.

Elena and Damon, Vampire Diaries

GleeKurt gives Rachel a New York survival kit: a Zagat’s Guide, an I Love NY t-shirt, Purel (those trains handles can be a little sketchy) and iPod speakers. You never know when Ms. Berry might want to belt out a little Babs to make some spare change on a Broadway street corner.

Kurt and Rachel, New York

90210Naomi gives Liam a framed portrait of herself to hang over the bar. Class up the joint a bit. Even though they’re not together anymore doesn’t mean he should be punished by not getting to admire her beauty on a daily basis.

Revenge: Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke gives Nolan a set of Shake Weights. The perfect gift for the man who has everything…except biceps.

Revenge, Emily

Pretty Little Liars“A” gives Spencer, Hanna, Aria and Emily the new iPhone 4S. It’s so important to have the most updated and tech savvy cellphone when being stalked by your so-called dead BFF. And it takes really awesome pics!

Pretty Little Liars, Cell Phone

Gossip GirlChuck gives his pal Nate a lifetime membership to and a subscription to Ladies Home Journal mag. This way he can read up on some conversation starters that might interest his dates aside from just his family money and his hair. Don’t even get me started on those bangs!

Nate and Elizabeth, Gossip Girl

Once Upon a Time: Henry gives Emma Swan a tiara. She’s royalty after all. And nothing goes better with a shiny deputy badge than some over-the-top head bling.

The Lying GameSutton gives Emma… her family. Just kidding! She gives her a one-way bus ticket out of town, but don’t you worry, it’s the fancy kind of bus with Wi-Fi and a restroom. Only the best for her sis!

Modern Family: Alex gives Haley a “College for Dummies” book. She knows she’s never gonna read it, but it does fit perfectly on the wobbly leg of Haley’s makeup table. She can’t possibly apply the perfect cat eye with a crooked mirror.

Victorious: Cat gives Jade a stuffed bunny that says “Hoppy Holidays” when you squeeze its tail. So cute! Jade promptly rips its head off and gives it to Cat who hugs her and says “Thanks, I love it!” And she means it.

Cat and Jade, Victorious

Ha! Funny right? Which of these gifts do you think is the most spot-on? What do you think TV characters would give to their BFFs? Leave your funny commentary below!

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12 Responses to "The (Hilarious) Holiday Gifts That TV Stars Would Give Each Other"

    David Bond says:

    Great post. Think I’m going to look into this further!

    Richard Fuentes says:

    Great blog. Think I’m going to look into this further!

    lex says:

    it is a good show

    Maria96paok says:

    Victorious one of the best and funniest shows!!!

    Gwen says:

    Glee forever

    Melvin says:

    Victorious! of course what kind of a question is that? Victorious all the way!

    A Person says:

    Victorious for sure!!! It’s 1 of my favs show Cat is sooooo funny! %p

    Danielle says:

    Victorious all the way <3
    &&'dd Pretty Little Liars :]

    Mary Luce Lozama says:

    Me Like………… Go Go go

    Sam says:

    i love the lying game and once upon a time!

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