From Sasha Pieterse to Francia Raisa, The 10 Best Dressed Celebs of the Week!

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Can we just say how happy we are that this week is over? This was probs one of the toughest weeks ever for us when it came to compiling our best dressed list. Guess our faves were like, in hiding or something. But we managed. Phew! And we think it’s safe to say that you will agree that the ladies we chose like like Zendaya, Elizabeth Olsen and even Rebecca Black deserve to be on here.

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But who was the ultimate best dressed this week? Scroll through the pics and then place your vote!


Best modern-day pilgrim dress

Photo: Splash News

Caroline Sunshine

Prettiest color on a pretty Disney star

Photo: Splash News

Rebecca Black

Best fringe bag worn on a day other than Friday


Sasha Pieterse

Best walking in a winter wonderland look

Photo: Splash News

Elizabeth Olsen

Best who-cares-about-my-big-sisters-i'm-hot dress


Khloe Kardashian

Best green jeans

Photo: Splash News

Francia Raisa

Best festive silver ensemb

Photo: Splash News

Jessica Lowndes

Best shirt and skirt combo we'd never think to pair, but it actually kinda works


Felicity Jones

Best no-need-for-a-clutch dress

Photo: Splash News

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Best supermodel glam on a model-turned-actress

Photo: Splash News

Did you have a tough time choosing? Who’d you vote for? Spill, we really wanna know!

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  • Rens

    Zendaya jij bent voor de tweede keer herkozen bij de modellenverkiezing gefeliciteerd. Kusjes van Rens xx.

  • mady

    zendaya!!! totally i love her and her sytle!<3

  • kiki12346

    Zendaya!!!!!!!!!!!! is the best dressed!!!! You dont even have to think, you just know. you rock that outfit!!!!!

  • Shania

    Zendaya is best dressed!! Totally! Only she can pull of that look!

  • Mitzee

    Zendaya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Lakechia

    Only Zendaya can pull off that look- she looks amazing !

  • MarissaB

    I love zendaya so much, but i just couldnt find myself wearing that. She looks really cute though, if i were to pick which one i would wear i would definitely wear Francia’s outfit! Super cute :)

  • hamedah

    i love zendaya i wish i can meet her

    • hamedah

      i love u zendaya i wish i can be u

    • Andrea

      Zendaya seems so down to earth i think thats why a lot o people want to meet her too

  • derrick

    Zendaya looks awsome

  • derrickfonsworth1994@gmail

    Zendaya was for sure best dress

  • Asia

    Zendaya looks beautiful


    i luved rebeccablack’s fringe purse it was cute

  • Reena

    Zendaya was TOTALLY in the mood!


      Zendaya looks Beauutiful anf gorgeous in those fashiom clothes :).

  • Rebecca Fan

    let’s vote for Rebecca #Beccaholic

  • Sam

    francia raisa was the best dressed

    • ohsnapitsme

      i agree with you! :)