Photoshop This: Come Up With a Funny Pic, Win a $25 iTunes Gift Card

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This week’s pic to Photoshop will already make you LOL, so making it even funnier is definitely going to be a challenge. But before we get to that, we’ve got to reveal our winning pic from last week, which belongs to the SUPER-TALENTED B.T.  Just look what she did to Justin Bieber! HILAR!!! That $25 iTunes Gift Card is definitely well-earned!

From turning JB into a girl (He looks good either way — natch!), changing the color of the jacket from red to pink (nice touch!) to the hilarious caption, we just couldn’t resist crowning this one as our winner. And you can probably tell why this one ended up our runner up…

Now, here’s the pic for you to manipulate this week. The funnier and more creative the better! Go, go go!!!

We’ll announce our winner Monday, 12/12 and entries received after 12:01 AM ET on 12/12/11 will not be considered. Good luck!

Did we pick the funniest pic as our winner? Could you have done better? What do you think was going through this family’s mind when the pic was snapped? Comment below!

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  • Allison Dalton

    it runs in the family!

  • Sarah A.

    I was the winner of this photo shop contest,(Made the space photo) I haven’t gotten an e-mail notification or anything, how do I claim my Itunes gift card?

    • donna

      i havent even seen any of the choices…would be nice to know the winner,i entered too!

  • someone

    I don’t get! They are trashing JB and then say they LOVE him.

  • Sophie

    Will you ever post the caption contest from like three weeks ago where you make the stars say stuff?

    • Shahzad

      the top two where they were so my Welcome one is next. (Need more help? Check out another great Blogging with Amy tip) Now as I lokeod around at other Facebook pages I saw that some had Twitter in their tabs. You