Beauty Must-Have: Jasmine V Lip Gloss!

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Attention, jasminators! We just heard like the best. Beauty news. Ever. Super cutie Jasmine V has just taken a cue from the Kardashians and Justin Bieber (remember when he came out with this nail polish collection?) by entering the world of beauty and launching her first brand spankin’ new lip gloss collection.

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Jasmine’s lip gloss compact comes shaped like a heart and is strawberry-flavored. And there’s two sides to the lip gloss: one a neutral pale pink gloss, and the other a deeper strawberry color that leaves a stain on your lips. Plus, the packaging is so cute! Look:

Click here to buy your own Jasmine V Strawberry Lip Gloss (it’s only $7.99)!

Are you going to buy a compact from Jasmine’s lip gloss collection? Do you think she should launch more beauty prods? Tell us!

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  • Starla

    I got one of these before they even came out. I went to a boutique in Destin, Florida and the lady working there kept complimenting me and saying I was so adorable and cute so when we checked out she took me to the back and gave me this. I was so shocked because she said its exclusive and hasn’t even came out yet and she told me not to tell anyone because I guess she would get fired. But she was so nice to risk her job for me:) I’ll be honest. I’ve actually never heard of Jasmine Villegas until then. Since then I’ve been doing so much research. But that was in 2011?? I think it was 2011 or 2010. FYI it doesn’t have very good quality because I have to tape it shut because the little clasp thing broke so it won’t glide without tape or Velcro. But the lipgloss itself is amazing! Glad I was blessed so much.

  • Sarahi

    Omg jasmine i love tht u got a lip gloss line:)
    U r a very pretty girl :)
    Where do u get ur lipgloss i love it and its really cuuuuttte:)

  • Jane Mika

    OMG…I’m in Zimbabwe…and we have that lip gloss omg its everywhere and they sell it for $2 (we use U.S) ofcourse I thought it was a knock off but their not. They just get them straight from the suppliers on some discount wv China…

  • justin belieber recalcados babao


  • Jordan-Haley McWilliams

    Is this in stores?

  • ally.

    can i get this in Australia? (: or just on the net.

  • Vanessaaa

    I wonder if I can get a jasmine v lip gloss in the Philippines? :)

  • beccccca

    i wonder if you can get it in the uk. hmmmm?

  • Daisy

    I want it so bad!!!! I’m a Jasminator I deserve that lip gloss!