Celebs Who Should Regret Breaking Up With Their Exes (If They Don’t Already)

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Relationships are tough. We get it. We’ve been there. Which is why we usually understand it when celebrity relationships and marriages go kaput. But after reading Scarlett Johansson‘s interview in the January issue of Cosmo, um, #SMH. She says that marrying Ryan Reynolds was “the best thing I ever did.” And then continued to mention, “Getting married was the right thing to do… I was very fortunate that I married somebody who turned out to be the person I thought he would be.”

Uhh, then why did she leave him?! While we continue to question her, you can totally check out the 7 celebrity exes (including ScarJo) who should regret leaving their former loves.

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Scarlett Johansson should regret divorcing Ryan Reynolds because…

Celebrity Exes

…he was voted People‘s Sexiest Man Alive last year, for one. And since their split, she’s dated Sean Penn (who could very well be her grandfather), while he’s galavanting around with Blake Lively. At least one of them upgraded.

Travie McCoy should regret breaking up with Katy Perry because even though he met her when she was just a girl who kissed girls (and liked it)…

…she’s now over-the-top gorgeous, married, and basc nominated in every category at every awards show ever.

David Henrie should regret letting Lucy Hale go because now…

…she’s on a hit TV show (and gets to make out with every hot guy poss!), while David’s show is in its last season. Whomp whomp.

Jasmine V should regret not staying with Justin Bieber because…

…now he’s a megastar and she could’ve been his arm candy (instead of her doppelganger, Selena Gomez). 

Kim Kardashian should regret ditching Reggie Bush because…

…now she could potentially lose a lot of money (and her big fat ring!) in her bitter divorce battle with Kris Humphries. And her and Reggie (probs) totally would’ve made it work!

All of Taylor Swift‘s exes should regret leaving her because…

…there is nothing she does better than revenge. Would you want these songs written about you? Didn’t think so.

Vanessa Hudgens should regret not getting back together with Zac Efron because…

…of these six reasons.

Which couple would you want to get back together? Do you think any of these celebs really regret breaking up? Vote for the celebrity exes that should give it another go below, then  SPILL!

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  • vivi

    i think zac nd vanessa should get back 2gether becuz they make a great couple nd launter nd swift make a great couple

  • ana

    omg taylor swift is a beautiful girl but she’s way too tall
    she’s 1 80

  • Nana

    Taylor swift broke up with Taylor Lautner so he shouldn’t regret anything she should!

  • person

    It would be kind of cool if Taylor Swift and Zac Efron were dating mainly because both of them are singers, and are cute together. They could like make songs together… :)

    • jenny

      zacs not a singer FAIL xxx

      • ..

        Zac is a singer, he sings in high school musical and in hairspray??. Watch the Ellen show of them 2(taylor and Zac) togheter… NO FAIL….

  • tamara

    i think launter and swift made an awesome couple. wish they would get together again.

    • Mo Jo

      I know!!!!!!!

  • lyra mae

    i love zanessa..!!
    No matter what happen.
    I believe their Power

  • Vianca

    I Love Zanessa!!!!!

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  • Ezziecakes

    A Lautner/swifty sammich? Yes please!


    aww ever since i saw the first HMS movie wen i was 8 i thought zac efron and vanessa hudgens were perfect for eachother, so cute so in luv rite? but they broke up and i totally think they should b back 2gether they R the cutest disney couple

    • Melrica

      I know right ! I mean I was in love with him but then he started going with Vanessa I thought they were perfect for each other !!!

  • Sam

    i think tay deserves real love and she deserves another shot with love but she should be extra careful with who she chooses this time.

  • Sam

    I love Lucy Hale!! I hope she gets back together with DAvid