Hottie of the Week: Hilarious Guys Who Are Hot Cause They’re Funny

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Hot Funny Male CelebritiesEvery single Thursday here on, we give our honor of Hottie of the Week to celebrity guys with the best six packs or most gorgeous faces. That’s kinda superficial, is it not? So this week, in honor of Jonah Hill’s new flick, The Sitter that comes out this weekend, we’re giving the Hottie title to guys who are just as deserving — funny dudes. And even though they may not be the best-looking (although we still think some are), they’re just plain attractive because they’re hilarious. And every girl wants a guy who can make her laugh, right?!

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Click on to see both funny and hot pics of these 10 hilar cuties! PS: A Disney dude’s included…

James Franco
We know James is a serious, Oscar-nominated actor, but we like him best when he’s showing off his comedic chops with his brother on Funny or Die or in movies like Pineapple Express. Hilariousness = hotness, you guys!

Seth Rogen
Seth has starred in some of the most LOL-worthy movies of the past few years: Knocked Up, Superbad, The 40 Year-Old Virgin, and even the more serious (and recent) 50/50. Get where we’re going with this? Oh, and also, he’s super skinny now. Just had to throw that in there.

Jonah Hill
Speaking of super skinny, have you seen Jonah lately? Even if you haven’t, you know he’s amazing in his flicks like Cyrus, Get Him to the Greek and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. And what else? He got to work with the King of Hotness, Brad Pitt, in a movie this year. Not too shabby for the little fat kid who couldn’t get laid in Superbad.

Jason Segel
Not even lying, Jason would be our celeb crush if we were 30. He’s 6″4, he’s super charming in person, and he wrote Forgetting Sarah Marshall and The Muppets, to name a few. Where can we get ourselves one of him?!

Justin Long
No, you guys. Justin isn’t just the Mac guy. He’s also like, the really funny guy, espesh in movies like He’s Just Not That Into You and Accepted. Oh, and also? He dated Drew Barrymore. And she is dayum fine.

Andy Samberg
We wouldn’t mind being stranded on Lonely Island for even a second, guys. Andy and friends’ SNL skits and digital shorts are ROFL-worthy, and his Jew fro is ridiculously adorable. We want.

Justin Timberlake
And Andy’s BFF, JT? Yeah. He’s not too shabby either. We don’t need to tell you he’s hot because, well, look at him, but in case you’ve forgotten, he’s funny too, making us pee our pants with laughter every time we watch him on SNL and in Bad Teacher. Forget the music. We want more comedy from Justin!

Michael Cera
No one does adorkable quite like Michael Cera. He’s the kinda dude we kinda just wanna be best friends with benefits with. Maybe he’d even take us on a romantic tour around NYC like he did in Nick and Norah

Roshon Fegan
We know Roshon is a bit younger and less famous than most of the dudes on this list, but he is probs the funniest teen on TV right now. He’s also BFFs with his Shake It Up co-stars Bella and Zendaya, which automatically makes him cool in our book.

Russell Brand
You know why Russell hosted the MTV Video Music Awards twice and snagged himself the hottest wife in pop music, Katy Perry? ‘Cause he’s hilarious, that’s why. He’s also British, which is never a bad thing.

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    You forgot about Wayne Brady…..He is one sexy black man. LOL

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    LOL roshon and andy are hot AND hilarious i mean seriously come on <3

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      have you ever breached sercuity with a friends keycard to Del computers here in TX and leave AJs videos and our own printed pamphlets about the truth behind 9/11 in all bathrooms and breakrooms?we have also done this at WalMarts,targets malls even bars.

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    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ What is this I don’t even…
    None of these “men” are even remotely attractive. All of them are quite over ratted. And all of you are stupid, and have no taste in men.

  • Manda

    Why no Ian and Anthony from SMOSH? :( So sad!!
    Also, all the pictures chosen for this article make them look strange!

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    Ian and Anthony from SMOSH are my favs!!

  • BiggestSmoshFan

    Anthony and Ian from Smosh are the hottest.


    OMG I LOOOOVEEEEE RUSSEL BRAND!! 😀 KATY PERRY IS SOOO LUCKY!! XD He just rocks that cave man look! <3 Soooo hot <3 <3 <3

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    I would be able to vote
    But ian and anthony arent here

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    Anthony ianh are the hotests : ))

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    i don’t give a rainbow!

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    Zach Braff?

  • That person.

    JAMES FRANCO IS THE HOTTEST YOU PEOPLE ARE BLIND. Maybe not the funniest but the hottest most definetly. Andy Samberg isn’t even close.

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      Thank you, Mr. Tydeman for the best King Lear I’ve ever heard, The Naxos Audio version with Paul Scofield and Kenneth Branagh. Short of canpimg out in the British Library Recorded Sound Archive, how can I get to hear more of your wonderful radio work?-A fan from the US.

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    They all look odd in this article, especially Michael Cera’s face in the second pic. I can´t explain XD

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    how did adam samburg beat out james franco?!?!!?!

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    LOL Andy is owning everyone, 28.96%, closest is 19.18

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    Russell Brand,……really? Your joking right? ¬_¬


    roshon fegan isnt even close 2 30

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    justin timberlake is hot!