Stuff To Post On Your Wall: The Only Gift We Can Afford on This Allowance

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Is this the year your parents decided you’re only getting one gift? Or maybe your extended fam put a limit on how old “the kids” can be to even get a gift…and you got left out? Yeah, us too. So from us (and Nicki Minaj, Lea Michele, and more) to you, here’s like a bunch of gifts you can’t return to a store the next day anyway!

So, what do you think of our pics? Can you make a funnier one? Tweet it @teen or post a link in the comments!

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10 Responses to "Stuff To Post On Your Wall: The Only Gift We Can Afford on This Allowance"

    jonathan tejeda says:

    the dont look at miie boobs was awhole ***** just like yall

    iheartNickiMinaj says:

    On the Nicki Minaj one, I would’ve put “OH LAWDY!!!” xD

    ddaannaarroocckkggiirrll says:

    lmfao cant stop laughing

    jasmine says:


    shantella says:

    lmaof cant stop lauging lol bruhh

    Svenda says:

    hahaha its so fun

    Cary smith says:

    Ok I will look at your MOOBES


    Janis says:


    Sam says:

    those are hilar!

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