Everything You Need to Know About Cody’s New Song, Kelly’s New Video..And Miley’s New Boobs?!

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Cody Simpson Jessica Jarell New SongWe think Cody Simpson (and Jessica Jarrell) have either A) Been hanging out in the tropics or B) Been listening to Sean Kingston and Iyaz songs on repeat. Their new song (off Cody’s first full-length album!) is reminscent of both of those things. What do you think of the leaked single that Cody tweeted? Get your first listen below:

And in other new music news…

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  • Alasia

    omfg i love this song

  • lola

    i love cody hes awesome i visit his site everyday and hes going on tour i hope hes coming here : D plus i almost met him once in canada ontairo mississauga squareone (to be speific) but i didnt cuz it was to full liek 200 ppl inside and all but still i got it on tape : D cody is awesome <333 i have a clanender a necklace 4 pins a notebook a shirt and earrings : D

    • Fabian

      Jessica is so hot that I hope Ieet her one day and I also want to be her husband. Woopla gang. P.S. my cousin showed me this website.

  • tenzin sangye

    it so hot that i like it.Miley is so sexy

  • autmn

    Love cody!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      i love
      cody <3 <3 <3 <3

  • tiisha

    I love cody simpson music
    he looks so good and he has a cool voice

  • alexlexyroxy

    i LOVE dis song so much mahn i really LOVE cody he is so cute i dnt actually no jessica bt she sounds so cool i hope i get to listen to more of her songs nd she is really pwetty GO CODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kelcie

    I love the songs Cody has sang! He is amazing! I don’t care for Jessica, she’s alright. But Cody is completely amazayn!!!!!<333

  • Aiesha

    (: Make it hot is amazing tooo ;p

  • Safiah Williams

    are they dating?o.O (just asking)

  • BedWetter

    Yeah! Cody simpson rock and as jessica

  • sisi

    I liked the song a lot this topic and i love cody simpson and Jessica Jarrell she is sow sexy

  • aanon

    Miley is so sexy