Zendaya’s “Swag it Out” Music Vid Just Debuted And All We Have to Say is… FINALLY!

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It’s about time! After wearing out our copies of Zendaya Coleman‘s “Swag It Out” single this spring (and summer. Okay, and even parts of this winter), we are happy to announce that our girl Daya’s new music video is officially live for our viewing pleasure. And not only are we obsessed with her sweet vocals and obvious dance skills, we really wanna know who her stylist was — so many zwag outfits!

Watch below, then take a look at the five hottest looks from the vid!

Zendaya Coleman

Look #1

Zendaya Coleman

Look #2

Zendaya Coleman

Look #3

Zendaya Coleman

Look #4

Zendaya Coleman

Look #5

Well, Zwaggers? WDYT of Daya’s new vid? Was it everything you hoped for? Do you like it better than “Watch Me” with Bella Thorne? Tell it like it is…

Daya Makes Best Newcomers of 2011 List!

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57 Responses to "Zendaya’s “Swag it Out” Music Vid Just Debuted And All We Have to Say is… FINALLY!"

  1. Teen.com
    mary alex fitzgerald says:

    Hey zendaya if you read any of these comments please email me at this email zenday only Mary.fitzgeralds25@orange.k12.nc.us

    P.S. I am a big fan of you zendaya i saw you at the 2014 music awards on dysney channel i love your song swag it out and replay and fashion is my kryptonight all those are good songs

    P.S.S Please email me

    Your biggest fan

  2. Teen.com
    elisiakelly says:

    zendaya est jolie elle a du swag et elle dance cool

  3. Teen.com
    elisiakelly says:

    Zendaya is attractive and swag she(it) dance well it has of the talen

  4. Teen.com
    AbiLaMLi says:


    • Teen.com
      Young Savage Trey Trey says:

      dont listend to the about the illuminati keep yo head up . and love your music and your so pretty

  5. Teen.com
    AbiLaMLi says:

    Je t’admire trop Zendaya!

  6. Teen.com
    N!k!ta says:

    Zendaya you rock!!!I want to be just like you and bella I love u guys (no homo) I want to meet you !!!!I love your show and want to be on it and I love your song a lot it is awesome !!!!!!!!!!

    *N!K!TA*your biggest fan!

  7. Teen.com
    alyssa combs says:

    ZENDAYA i have your doll both cds every episode posters i really love to dance don’t listen to those people about illuminati he is not gonna get u if u believe in god he will protect you. you and Bella are bffs so is me and my bff Brooke we watch your show all the time! we danced to your music in talent show they loved It!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im your biggest fan i would love to meet you!!!!

  8. Teen.com
    kimberly says:

    zeendaya,marry me fork u

  9. Teen.com
    kimberly morgan says:

    zendaya marry me fork u

  10. Teen.com
    J Swag says:

    Zendaya you are a beautiful young girl don’t let no body bring you down keep your head high. Love you and your music (No Homo)

  11. Teen.com
    JANNETE says:


  12. Teen.com
    z-thorne says:

    OMG !! I listen to this song everyday because I love it so much and I also love the dance so yeah :)

  13. Teen.com
    njemile wallace says:

    idont think the song all that but eh she cud sing and dance but disney is an illuminati channel shes going to end up liek the others dont let the sweetness and good looks fool you its acting she gets exhausted frnot hating sigh

  14. Teen.com
    Jack says:

    Watch out Zendaya,illuminati are devils ..

  15. Teen.com
    Sequoia says:

    Omg! I love zendaya(no homo) and all her music I want to be just like her

  16. Teen.com
    she says:

    lolz i <3 ur song!! god u r so awesome!!111

  17. Teen.com
    malia says:

    i love your show i love the song swag

    • Teen.com
      Nagunoori says:

      Irma, I would love to read your mmorey of how that certain brother, lol, broke the news to you! From your mmorey

  18. Teen.com
    Anonymous says:

    the illuminati is going to change you zendaya and you’ll wish you never joined disney

    • Teen.com
      alyssa combs says:

      girl you don’t know anything about illuminati. your the one who should be looking out. Zendaya is cool. that is not cool to say to someone you could hurt her feelings. she works hard on the show! she deserves credit. bullying is hurtful. be kind to one another. just leave her alone ok. you would feel the same way if someone said that to you!

      • Teen.com
        HCDUICKHFLBG says:

        Honey shes in the illuminati i know its sad to say but it’s true

  19. Teen.com
    Kayla sweet says:

    Can I have your phone number

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