Best of 2011: The 11 Best Dressed Celebs of the Year

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The 11 Best Dressed Celebs of '11!
The 11 Best Dressed Celebs of '11!
Sigh. We’re kinda sad 2011 is almost over. This year gave us some of the best hookups, hottest hotties and wildest fashion, don’tchya think? Speaking of fashion, 2011 was also the year that turned Kristen Stewart into a best dressed candidate! And that’s why for our best of 2011, most stylish celebs edish, we rounded up KStew and 10 other stars who really blew us away in the style department.

Wanna head down fashion memory lane with us? Then keep reading to see who kept it style-perfect this year with our 11 Best Dressed Celebs of the Year!

Who would’ve thought that 2011 would be the year that B would finally get the chance to announce she’s preggers?! She told everyone the news in style with her lovely orange gown that made her look like a total goddess. We loved it! Pregnant or not, Beyonce always stays chic and beautiful.

Demi Lovato
Oh, Demi! We really missed you while you were locked away in rehab, and we’re so happy to say that you hit us with a crazy-great comeback. From a new album to a new bod, Demi had us loving every moment. Just look at her on the red carpet. What. A. Star.

Emma Stone
Well, well… let’s just say, Emma went from the geeky girl who (desperately) needed a makeover in House Bunny to one of the most stylish celebs ever of 2011. At award shows or on the streets, she’s just such a sweet-looking redheaded queen.
Emma Stone

Hailee Steinfeld
We still don’t get how a 15-year-old like Hailee has this much style! This girl totally gets the whole fashion thing. We couldn’t resist her adorb princessy look at the Oscars this year. And from then on, it’s like she couldn’t stop proving that age is really nothing but a number.

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  • Patricia

    I think Leighton Meester deserved to be on this list.Her style is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !

  • Cecilie

    Ariana grande should really be on this list! her style is so perfect and her cozy look is just adorable.

  • Ariana’s Tiny Elephant

    I really think Ariana Grande should be on this list! She’s amazing, beautiful, and ALWAYS dresses perfectly! ♥

  • teenage dreamer ♥

    i like bella thorne’s style, but i think she dresses to old. i’m 13 and nearly 14 and she’s 14.

  • LahLahChic

    I LOVE Ariana Grande’s style, she so should have made the list!!

  • ArianaGrandeFan

    I think that, personally, Ariana Grande should have made the list. I absolutely adore her style and she’s always chic…Even when she’s casual, she wears the cutest dresses ever.She really has a great style, and I think she should have made the list….

  • Brittany

    I don’t really get why Bella Thorne was on this list.She seems like a decent enough girl and all,but based on the pics of her on here her style looks just like any other average girl’s.

  • VickyGuinea

    I love Bella Thorne and Kristen Stewart! They are great actress and have amazing styles!

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