From Kylie Jenner to Kat Graham, The 10 Best Dressed Celebs of the Week!

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Best Dressed CelebsThere was something about chicks with “K” names this week. Because five outta 10 of our best dressed honorees have names starting with that letter, including Kat Graham and Kylie Jenner. Not to worry though. Girls at the end of the alphabet like Zendaya still made it!

Peep the gallery of pics and then make your choice for who looked the most stylish this week!


Most perfect ensemb for swagging it out

Photo: Splash News

Miley Cyrus

Best yes-my-boobs-are-real dress

Photo: Splash News

Katy Perry

Best purrfectly pink tight dress

Photo: Splash News

Khloe Kardashian

Best heart-designed leggings on a chick with a big heart

Photo: Splash News

Shay Mitchell

Best I-got-a-secret look

Photo: Splash News

Kat Graham

Most normal style on a celeb who usually dresses cray cray


Kylie Jenner

Best attempt at outshining her super famous big sisters


Elle Fanning

Most look-at-me-I'm-a-movie-star dress


Jessica Lowndes

Best outfit that her TV alter-ego would wear

Photo: Splash News

Kelly Rowland

Best she's-got-the-X-Factor in feathers and lace


So, who’d ya vote for?! Whose outfit didn’t you like too much? Tell us, we’re dying to hear!

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  • Rens

    Zendaya dit is voor de Tweede keer dat jou foto gekozen word bij die modellenverkiezing jij bent herkozen.

  • Justin

    I want all of them in a lesbian porn

  • Anna

    I adore Kat’s dress, it suits her really well!!


    esse é um otimo kook para festa

  • jon mcmorrow

    Zendaya hands down, I prefer a girl who doesn’t show her wares by dressing sluty!

    • Stephanie borgani


  • PurpleHersheys


  • Maley

    Kylies dress is beautiful<3

  • Darija

    Ohhhh yeees!Miley is winning!She looked flawless!I adore her :’)

  • Anonymous

    you all have terrible taste……katy is obviously the best

  • So Selena Gomez

    OMG!!! Who to choose? Kat or Miles? I love them both…. I think I’ll choose Kat, cos she simply doesn’t really dress up this nice, as far as I know. Whereas Miley, in My eyes, is gorgeous every single day of the year! Kat is very seldom on the list so I think it’s nice to give her a shot. Y’know, for the effort? Do u agree,

  • Rico

    I love Miley Cyrus :)
    Oh and…
    That is all

  • Anonymous

    i love miley’s, kat’s, and kylie’s dresses