Rebecca Black Pokes Fun At Herself In This “Sexy” Spoof of “Friday” (Video)

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Rebecca Black Friday Sexy Song GraceSo apparently there’s like, this Youtube sensation, Grace, who’s friends with that other YouTube sensation, Rebecca Black. And Grace got Rebecca in on her latest video — “Sexy Friday Song.” Get it now? Friday? But sexier? And in it, RB is pretending to play the piano and pretending to play the guitar, but not pretending to be funny. She’s funny for reals, people. Comedic talent right there. See for yourself:

PS: Nice muffs.

What’d you think of the “Sexy Friday Song?” Better than the original “Friday” song? Was Rebecca actually kinda funny? The comments await!

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  • Brycin64

    thank COD we cant hear Rebecca Black!!!!

  • ravi jaiman

    tum bhauta sexy

  • Aria

    i’ve watched this video so many times, but not for rebecca. i personally love grace (dailygrace on youtube) because all of her other videos are really funny. she’s a comedian, and whether or not rebecca is in this video or not, i still see the amazing comedy that grace tries to bring to her viewers. i’m just happy that it was popular enough to get onto this website :)

  • Garret

    Ahhh wow that was um down right weird.

  • MiddleOfTheNight1234

    It was… um. Well it wasn’t horrible.

    …but… I’m lost… o___o

  • This girl

    grace is really funny in her other videos even tho this one is simply idiotic. search daily grace on youtube

  • anonymous #2

    i want 3 minutes of my life back

  • Anonymous

    that was really stupid!