From Our BFFS: Wanna See the Cutest Flash Mob Ever?

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You haven’t seen a flash mob until you’ve seen a senior citizen flash mob. Dancing to a Glee Christmas song. You wish your grandparents were this coordinated cute:

Who’s the cutest couple of 2011? Hands down it’s Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder. Just look at these pics! [Wetpaint]

Ok, Vanessa Hudgens. We get it. You like your new boyfriend, Austin Butler. But sucking face like this in pubic is never Ok. [Just Jared Jr.]Austin Butler Kissing Vanessa Hudgens

And in the saddest news of the weekend, Selena Gomez‘s mom has suffered a miscarriage. RIP Baby Gomez! [Hollywire]

Only a few more weeks until Wizards of Waverly Place is over FOREVER! Watch the finale promo here if you haven’t already (or even if you have). [HuffPost High School]

He may be singing about Mistletoe now, but when Justin Bieber was a kid, he didn’t even believe in Santa! Talk about growing up too fast… [Posh24]

And speaking of cute dudes singing about Christmas, have you seen Mindless Behavior‘s festive new music vid? [J-14]

Look! Demi Lovato‘s cover art for her brand new single! Ugh. Why is she so pretty. [Cambio]

Demi Lovato Give Your Heart a Break

SNL‘s Vanessa Bayer (aka the girl who always spoofs Miley Cyrus) wants to go to space camp. And eat Mac and Cheese for the rest of her life. Um, why are we not best friends yet?! [gURL]

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  • Evangeline

    I wonder why is there so many old people in that video. And if Vanessa and Austin were normal people sucking face wouldn’t be such a big deal

  • Anonymous

    that video was kinda weird.

  • zariah

    omis im sorry 4 sels mom:”( RIP baby
    p.s just found out bi mi teacher 2day in the middle of class lmao ok well she tolled me that justin bieber never belived in santa bc his mommy tolled him that hes not real. she didnt want him 2 belive in something thats not real so she just tolled him hes not real. so im sorry bieber that u could never belive in santa:(