The 8 Jewish Hotties That We Want for Chanukah

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James Maslow
James, as in the hot one from Big Time Rush, is a Jew. He even talks about Chanukah being his fave holiday at the end of this vid!

Daniel Radcliffe
Ok, so this video doesn’t exactly confirm that Harry Potter himself is Jewish, but his Wikipedia page does. And anyway, here Daniel’s talking about visiting Israel and growing up in a Jewish town, so that counts for something, right?!

Gregg Sulkin
Yes, Selena’s on-screen boyfriend is one of us. And he even played a little Bar Mitzvahed boy in his 2006 flick, Sixty Six! Let’s hope his real Bar Mitzvah was better than this one, though…

Shia LaBeouf
Shia’s been pretty vocal about his Jewish background in the past, but this 2009 interview of him on Kimmel is our fave. Cut to about 1:30 where he talks about his take on, uh, Germans…

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14 Responses to "The 8 Jewish Hotties That We Want for Chanukah"

    A says:

    Am I the only one who thinks this whole article sounds really friggen rude?!?!?!
    “Jesse proves his Jewdom right here” I stg that is so rude!!
    “Yeah, we know Drake is half-black, but the other half? Full Jew!” Really?!?!
    “But the Hebrew he’s spewing here? We bet he totally learned that in temple.” WTF?!
    They may have Jewish descendants, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they practice Judaism or follow Jewish customs. No one here needs to “prove their Jewdom” and Hebrew is a beautiful language that Logan far from “spews.”
    You, Haley Longman, seriously need to take a class on culture and on sensitivity because you lack both.

    Percy says:

    :-( Logan is jewish….

      Alex says:

      Yes, Percy Bieberface, how sad that Logan Lerman, a full-booded Jew with a Jewish last name, is a Jew.

      If he wasn’t Jewish, he wouldn’t exist.

    Ray says:

    I love logan sooo much wish
    i could meet him in real life

    Me says:

    AHHHH DRAKE AND LOGAN ARE JEWISH! I knew Logan was Jewish but Drake? NO WAY. ♥

    Tulita says:

    hahha i love Jake!

    anon says:

    logan! omg i love you so much!

    PiP says:

    OMG SHIA IS JEWISH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    any says:

    i love drake!

    Me says:

    p.s. Logan Lerman will be starring with EzraMiller and Paul Rudd in his next movie, The Perks Of Being A Wallflower. That’s three Jewish hotties in one film.

    Me says:

    Me, too, anonymous. Me, too.

    Anonymous says:

    i love logan lerman!

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