GIFts For You: Funny GIFs to Get You to the Weekend!

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Winter break is almost here, and we’ve got another mid-week gift for you. This week, we open presents with Snooki, celebrate the end of the year with LMFAO, and check in with Survival of the Hotties winner Darren Criss! Tell us which ones you love and where you find your fave GIFs, and be sure to share these cheapo gifts with your Secret Santas!

How Snooki opens her presents:

What really happens in the White House:

What do you want for Christmas, Lea Michele?

Winter break is almost here! Celebrate like LMFAO:

Want to know what Kris Humphries now thinks about when Kim Kardashian crosses his mind? It goes something like this:

Take a cue from Buddy the Elf and enjoy simple pleasures this holiday season:

Merry Christmas from Chris Colfer and your 2011 Survival of the Hotties winner Darren Criss!

Finally, we have one last gift for you… see you next week!

Where’s your favorite place to find GIFs? Got a cool one we should feature next week? Tell us everything right here!

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  • Brenda

    Back from the party. And spending gift cards. And the rgocery store. And a nap. Because I got a splitting headache at the party, then had to go do the other stuff after. By the time I got home I thought I was gonna die. Still feeling a bit woozy, but my head doesn’t feel like it’s going to roll off anymore.Sharonlee-I did have the little guy evaluated for the drama program, he was not chosen. @ : :grouphug: Checking Cole’s Tweets might not be the best idea right now. Just saying

  • La-La has a plump pudding in her panties :D would you like to see it?

    heheheheh funny if ur funny funny???????????????????? hehehehehehehehe heh…heh..heh…ploop in the toilet….heheehehhe, i can see you! stop watching me! gack…heheheheh, funnny nunnny gunnny???? heh.

  • Jane

    the kris hum one and buddy the elf 😀

  • Anonymous

    that is such a cute dog!