Hotties of the Week: Smokin’ Guys Who Are Inked Up

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Tattooed Hottes

Now that The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is out in theaters, we can’t stop talking about newbie Rooney Mara. Well, that is, ’til we started thinking about guys with tattoos. (Like how we segued into that one?) And guess what we found out: Like, half the hotties we cover at have been inked! Some were kinda freaky odd and/or inapprops designs, but whatever, who cares ’cause they’re still gorgeous.

So from Twilight studs to Glee sweeties, take a peek at the Top 10 sexiest guys with tats!

Ryan Gosling
Tat Fact:
 Aww, the tattoo on Ryan’s shoulder is of the cover of The Giving Tree children’s book to remind him of his mother and sister. 

Shia LaBeouf
Tat Fact:
The ink on his torso is meant to be an artist(‘s hand) drawing his own prison… WTF?

Alex Pettyfer
Tat Fact:
 Which one should we talk about? The one on his right wrist for ex Emma Roberts? The one on his left wrist for ex Dianna Agron? Or the “Thank you” one over his… area?

Bow Wow
Tat Fact:
His left shoulder creepy ink is a pic of what BW would look like as a clown. But we’re not laughing.

Justin Bieber
Tat Fact: What makes the Biebs’ even cuter is that his dad’s got one to match!

Jackson Rathbone
Tat Fact: In boarding school, Jack and his friends were called “Lost Boys” by school officials.
So he got a tattoo that says “I’m lost.” Who knew he was such a troublemaker?

Cory Monteith
Tat Fact:
 His arm ink’s visible, but we’re still trying to find the one of the Canucks hockey logo on his bod. We know it’s on him somewhere! 

Adam Levine
Tat Fact:
Too many to choose from! So we’ll just tell you about one we found really interesting: The foreign one on the left side of Adam’s chest is believed to say Maroon 5!

Ryan Follese
Tat Fact:
We already told you what the Hot Chelle Rae frontman’s chest tattoo says,
but did you know he has TEN others (that we know of)?! 

Paul Wesley
Tat Fact:
Pauly’s kept mum about the significance of the rose on his shoulder, but the TVD producers liked it and made it part of Stefan’s backstory. (More shirtless scenes, please!)

Which tatted-up guy is the hottest? Who had the coolest ink? Do you have any tattoos? Fess up, then vote for your favorite guy below!

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  • Hank

    with Adam there’s a story to be told……

  • Hank

    talking about art its Adam Levine…..creative in the making….now that’s what I call tattoo!

    • asj

      yeah his tatoos are great but the info is wrong, the words written on his chest say “TAPAS” meaning deep meditation in Sanskrit

  • Carly DeLander


    • Tori Smith


    • Anonymous

      Love Hot Chelle Rae!!
      Ryan Keith Follese…… Forever!!

  • hayley

    Billie Joe Armstrong is HOT and has a billion tatoos yet he is not on here. You guys should be ashamed!

  • Lol


    • Annisa

      Ohhh you are probably sainyg that because he gets the girls and you play games all day! Just sainyg Don’t spend your time watching his videos if you are going to write mean comments

  • CARIna

    paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is hot!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amanda

    Paul! Paul! Paul!

  • Moviesbunch

    justin bieber lokking hot but some said he is gay.

    • suzan

      what the hell are you saying? justin bieber is the cutest boy in the world!

      • G. Z

        i think that suzan has right. justin bieber is the cutest boy in the world and he is not gay. peoples say this because they are just jelous that he is dating with a girl like selena gomez and before her with other beautiful girls.

    • Okaraga

      yno what’s really annyoing? how before he was famous, no one hated on him. and suddenly he becomes famous, and everyone hates him. it’s OBVIOUS, there jealous. lol. losers. i’m not OBSESSED with him, but i don’t hate him either. seriously, ya’ll ahve no reason to hate on him.

  • Annie

    Paul Wesley is the best!

  • janan

    paul wesley

    • Nishat

      if you hate JB wat the fuck you on his video for? like grow some balls, and stop being a lil Gay BITCH talking shit on yobutue you dumb FUCK.

  • Anonymous

    justin bieber and alex pettyfer are hot!

  • Hannah

    What about Christofer Drew from Never Shout Never?

    • Cecilia


    • CHIZ!


      • jordansgurl

        yes! i love him!!!!!!!!! they need to put him on here!!!!!!!