First Look! The Hunger Games‘ Got a Nail Polish Collection! (Pics)

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The Hunger Games Katniss


ZOMG! So we thought the only day in March 2012 we’d be looking forward to was the day The Hunger Games comes out. But it looks like we just came across another reason to care about March, you guys. Beauty brand China Glaze is launching a nail polish collection inspired by The Hunger Games movie!

Keep scrolling to peep the colors and the official ad for The Hunger Games China Glaze nail polish collection!

The Hunger Games Nail Polish Colors

The Hunger Games Nail Polish Collection

China Glaze

The Hunger Games Nail Polish Official Effie Ad

The Hunger Games Nail Polish Effie Trinket Ad

China Glaze

The nail polish line debuts March 1, only 22 days before the flick swings onto the big screen on March 23! Are you excited for it?! Do you like those nail colors? What do you think of the Effie ad? Sound off!

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  • amy

    I really like the colors as well and i am a hunger games super fan

  • KKT

    I’m not sure these commenters have actually read the novels. The Capitol represents everything that Katniss is fighting against–that includes outrageous make-up. This ad doesn’t represent the themes of the novel well at all. Of course, the exuberance of both the ad and the nail colors does represent the over-the-top consumerism and shallowness of the Capital very well.

  • Sue L

    I bought my China Glaze at Here is the link where I found it:

    I love the colors!!

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  • Audrey

    You know I’m a HUGE fan of The Hunger Games, and I’m proud they are making their mark in the fashion buisness also! I really hope to get a Hunger Games pin!!! I’m will definetally be at the premere!!

  • Patricia C

    Did you guys see the recommendation from theHOB>? Someone on there found an online retailer ( ) that you can pre-order this set from. I just pre-ordered the whole collection for myself and my sister and got free shipping too! Hurry up and pre-order it before it gets SOLD OUT! I’m so excited.

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  • Mockingjay

    At first I wasn’t too excited about the nail polish, then I realized all the colors symbolize different districts. (Hook and Line: District 4. Harvest Moon: District 11. Stone Cold/Smoke and Ashes: District 12) Although I don’t really like all the colors, this is pretty cool!

  • Maddie

    These are awesome! I liked how the old names kinda connected to the book a bit better but I saw a website that showed that these new names represent each district, how awesome is that? I just love these colors! I’m getting them as soon as they come out! Can’t wait to wear them to the premiere, it’s going to be amazing!

  • brittney

    really like the color there diffrent cool

  • liana

    wait, there was another website that gave these colors different names…? like, the first one in the picture was called primrose

    • Sarah

      those were the old names they changed it.

      • Lexi

        Don’t you think that the old names were WAY better? They made sense and were sorta funny like the OPI names. But these colors are still GORGEOUS!!!

      • Lexi

        Don’t you think that the old names were WAY better? They made sense and were sorta funny like the OPI names. But these colors are still GORGEOUS!!!

  • Anonymous

    i like the sparkly colors!

  • lauryn

    im going to buy it s soon as it comes out! so cool! im prob going to wear either eletrify or riveting to the premire! it`s going tt be amazayn!

  • Emma

    I love this idea and am going to buy it right when it comes out!!

  • anonymous

    that’s a little overboard.. creating hunger games nail polish? really?

    • ….

      I agree, but these colors are amazing!!!

    • catgirl

      well the hunger games is a huge thing, and lots of people will like this, so why not make hunger games nail polish?