From Our BFFs: What Does A Frog Do When He’s Done Playing with His iPhone?

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This is why you don’t let your pets play with your apps…

Uh oh! Do we spy Austin Butler getting his flirt on in these new pics? That girl doesn’t look like Vanessa Hudgens… [Just Jared Jr.]

iCarly‘s moving on. Or at least Miranda Cosgrove is — onto college! [HuffPost High School]

It’s the ultimate face-off:  Darren Criss vs. Nick Jonas. Who looks better in the How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying poster? [Wetpaint]

And speaking of posters, the new ones from Lily CollinsMirror Mirror just debuted. Ya like? [Hollywire]

Unfortch, our invitation to Britney Spears‘ engagement party must’ve gotten lost or accidentally trashed. Sigh. At least we can join in on all the festivities via video. [Posh24]

We all heard about Miley Cyrus cursing at one of her fans. But did you hear her defense? [Cambio]

And the Cutest Siblings award goes to… Justin Bieber and his baby sister Jazzy. Watch them sing together! It’s too cute to stand (even for non-Beliebers). [4TNZ]

How to embrace your body (the non-Heidi Montag way)… [gURL]

New LEGOs. For girls. Uhh, weren’t girls playing with these toys already? [BuzzFeed]

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  • Sanjay

    This was totally balliirnt (as usual) but you know you can’t get people to stop talking at HR Florida .well, most of the time anyway. They did shut up last year when China Gorman spoke. We’ll see if they listen to Tony Hsieh this year!

  • casey

    boo? lol i just was looking for a picture and here this website was, lame!! (:
    -schwagg (: <3

  • Anonymous

    omg! at the end of the video with the frog, that scared me when it bit him!

    • Shobha

      All of the stages look defrifent. The bands are all defrifent. The lighting and camera quality is defrifent. Michael Jackson has sadly passed away. The Beyonce in the crowd looked totally fake. Fake and gay.

  • paige

    DEVIL: why are u here Hitler HITLER: i killed jews DEVIL: good. Justin beiber why are u here JUSTIN: I killed people with my faggy voice DEVIL: good. now Eminem why are u here EMINEM: get off my throne bitch!!!!